God Helps Those That Help Themselves


In Iran, at Qom there is a well. According to Shia Islamic tradition the Mahdi, a sort of Islamic Superman, will one day ride out of the well, drive the infidels before him and create a worldwide caliphate. Near the well there are hotels where the faithful can stay as they wait for the blessed day when the Mahdi will arrive and victory over the unbelievers will be assured.

The Mahdi ain’t coming. And, therein lies the lesson.

Ever since 2016 across the United States large numbers of Trump supporters and members of the MAGA movement have pinned their hopes on a constantly shifting array of fantasies about an inevitable victory over the forces of socialism and globalism threatening this nation.

There were secret grand juries empaneled all across the nation. They were preparing to indict thousands of politicians and Democratic party hacks who had committed a wide range of offenses.

There were secret military tribunals, which would try the criminals who had betrayed the people, looted the treasury, engaged in pedophilia and committed treason.

Once convicted these traitors would be flown in waves of aircraft to Guantanamo Bay where they would be imprisoned for life, cleansing the nation of their influence and their perfidy.

Thirty thousand guillotines had been purchased and brought into the nation.

It was always a little hazy to me on whom these would be used nor did I ever fully understand where one goes to purchase an actual functioning guillotine in the 21st century but those concerns were apparently incidental. The point was something big was going to happen and everything would be different and better afterward.

The Presidential election and its aftermath brought this kind of thinking to a fever pitch.

Servers had been seized in a U.S. military raid in Germany and the data on them proved fraud. Biden would be disqualified. Trump would win.

Military intelligence had proof of Chinese intervention in the elections and data manipulation. The results would be thrown out. Trump would win.

Pence would refuse to certify the election results. The House of Representatives would decide the result. Trump would win.

None of these things were true nor were countless other myths and fantasies spun by podcast hosts, social influencers and rumor mongers. They gave false hope. They distracted those who paid attention to them. They kept them focused on the illusion that someone or something else was going to save the day and make everything right.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the Democratic Party methodically changed essentially everything about how we conduct elections and set the stage for unprecedented electoral fraud. The legacy media outlets that function as the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party covered up entirely the unprecedented corruption associated with the Biden family, concealed very real concerns about Joe Biden’s connections to Beijing, spun lies about Donald Trump and his family and generally worked overtime to present the American people with a completely false narrative. And, of course, based on the pretext of a “pandemic” Democratic governors and the Deep State in Washington destroyed the best economy we have seen in a generation in a largely successful effort to take away from Donald Trump what had always been his strongest argument in support of a second term.

While far too many in the MAGA movement were waiting for the Mahdi to ride out of his well and save them, the Democrats were putting on brass knuckles and doing whatever it took to win.

This cannot be the way forward. If the MAGA movement is not only to continue but to gain strength and regain ground lost, it must be grounded in reality. Fairy tales don’t win elections. Stories fabricated by individuals with no access but desperate for clicks on their websites are not simply a distraction. They convince frightened, disillusioned Americans to trust in some external power that will save the day. They convince them someone else will do the heavy lifting.

Nothing about the history of this country suggests there is any validity to such an approach. This country was built one brick at a time by men and women who came here from all over the world and invested the blood, sweat and tears necessary to succeed. Winning the ongoing fight for the soul of this nation will require nothing less.

Nobody is coming to save us. We will have to save ourselves. I was raised in a family where we were taught that God helped those who helped themselves. Whatever your specific religious affiliation, it is an apt description of what is required moving forward.

If you care about this nation, are disheartened by the recent electoral results and are concerned about the way ahead, then get up and get moving. Put down your iPad or tablet. Turn off the podcast. Stop surfing Twitter searching for the latest rumor about who is getting ready to declassify what.

Run for office. Support someone else that is. Write. Speak. Get involved. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Want change? Make it. Get busy, because the only one who is going to save this country is you.