Secretary Pompeo Dropping “China And CCP” Tweets Like Crazy – And NO They Are Not “Love Notes”


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been tweeting a lot in the last few days – in fact almost every half hour (business hours) for the last two days. Ppompeo had been tweeting about the foreign policy accomplishments he and the Department of State made under the Trump administration. This afternoon, his focus was aimed clearly at discussing China and the Chinese Communist Party’s (negative) influence on the world stage.

He has pointed out China’s influence on the World Heath Organization (WHO) and says that the WHO was “corrupted by China’s influence, and bought cheap.” He notes that WHO investigators still cannot get access to Wuhan a year after the first cases were reported.

Pompeo, in another tweet, noted “what happens when China takes over a UN agency? Let’s talk about the WHO and the catastrophic failure of that agency to deal with COVID-19, just as they failed to deal with SARS.” He ends with the hashtag #ChinaLiedMillionsDied.

Pompeo also tweeted that the World Intellectual Property Organization when China tried to place a CCP “apparatchik” as its leader.5%