Let’s Get to Work And Make Government Accountable Again


Joe Biden is about to be sworn in as President. There remain a great many people, including me, who believe there was substantial electoral fraud in the recently concluded election. Amongst those who supported President Trump, there is a feeling of disillusionment and the temptation to stack arms and opt out of the system.

Nothing could be more unproductive. A battle was lost. The war is ongoing. It is not time to quit. It is time to redouble our efforts at both the national, state, and local levels.

From a Pennsylvania perspective, here are five starting points. Think of them as a first 100 days agenda for the new, still Republican-controlled, legislature in Harrisburg.

Immediately repeal Act 77 and end “no excuse” mail-in voting. Enact a statewide mandate that outside of narrowly prescribed provisions for absentee voting all voters must appear in person to vote. The decision to support a move to mail-in voting was ill-advised and set the stage for all of the changes that followed it and massive electoral fraud in the Commonwealth. That decision is not irreversible, however. The same legislature that voted to allow mail-in voting can end it.

Enact state standards for voting systems that preclude the use of Dominion Voting Systems-style voting machines and require voters to fill out hard copy, paper ballots – perhaps provide a carbon copy to voters for retention. All we have done by moving to the use of tablet-type or other electronic devices is introduce almost endless vulnerabilities into the system.

Rather than continue to chase our tails trying to find and eliminate all these holes in the system, we ought to opt for a much simpler solution. Have each voter fill out a physical ballot, which is then counted and retained. This will not eliminate the possibility of fraud. It will make it a heck of a lot harder.

Immediately establish a legislative commission to investigate the allegations of improprieties in the 2020 election. Said commission should be directed to make findings of fact and recommendations for any necessary criminal prosecution. There are a host of irregularities that have been identified and never investigated. We cannot let those issues simply stay unresolved. Find out what happened. Tell the people. If crimes were committed send those responsible to jail.

Pass a resolution ending the Governor’s unconstitutional COVID-19 lockdown. In the event that the Governor veto’s said resolution commit to an attempt to override his veto and undertake a statewide effort to identify each and every legislator who supports this disastrous “emergency” and to hold them accountable before their constituents. Every single legislator who sides with the Governor in destroying the economy of this state and bankrupting its small businesses should be identified and made to publicly answer for their actions. In the light of day, in front of the voters who they have betrayed, a great many of them may suddenly find their spines and do the right thing.

Require a full accounting by all GOP members of the Pennsylvania State House and Senate as to what actions they did and did not take to prevent electoral fraud in the recent election. Said accounting to be delivered by them to their constituents in their home districts. No more platitudes. Where were they? What did they do or not do? These people regularly claim to be fighting for us in Harrisburg, but there doesn’t seem to have much fight in them recently. The voters deserve answers.

The people of the United States are threatened by an unholy combination of special interests and self-appointed elitists determined to make this constitutional republic nothing but a fiction. These individuals, corporations, and groups hold enormous power, and they demonstrated in the recent election just how ruthless they are prepared to be. They are not, however, omnipotent.

The people of this nation retain the power to affect change if they choose to use it. In order to do so, however, we have to stop accepting platitudes and vague assurances. We have to demand results, and we have to be prepared to wield the power we possess to hold accountable those who smile in our faces, pat us on the back and then return to their offices and conduct business as usual.

We need – in other words – to be just as forceful and committed and organized as those who are working against us. If we want change, we have to make that change. There is no one coming to save us. We must save ourselves.

The five points outlined above are a good start. A controlled legislature should be able to make all of the changes identified in short order, and if it does not then the members who failed us should be held accountable and replaced.

The time for complaining is over. Let’s get to work.