The Fixer – Obama’s Former WH Counsel To Head DOJ’s Criminal Division


His law partner represents Hunter Biden…

Stay with me here. Let’s see if I have got this straight.

One month before Joe Biden was sworn in to be President his son, Hunter Biden retained the services of a new lawyer, Chris Clark. Clark works for the law firm Latham & Watkins. Hunter is reportedly the subject of a federal criminal investigation that includes allegations of money laundering and criminal conspiracy. He may also be the subject of a counterintelligence probe. He needs a good lawyer.

One day after he took office, Joe Biden appointed New York attorney Nicholas McQuaid to lead the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. That would be the office, which is handling the criminal investigation of Hunter and also two other criminal investigations into the Biden family writ large. McQuaid just happens to be a partner in the same law firm representing Hunter. It is unclear if he was working with Chris Clark on Hunter’s case, but it is known that Clark and McQuaid did work on other cases together. In fact, Clark and McQuaid were jointly representing at least one client at the time that McQuaid was tapped for the DOJ position.

The spin put on this by the Biden White House will, of course, be that there is nothing to see here. Ethical canons will, they assure us, require McQuaid to recuse himself from involvement in any case involving a former employer. He will have nothing to do with Hunter’s case. The fact that he was chosen to head the Criminal Division and his former partner is on the other side of Hunter’s case is simply coincidence.


There are over 1.3 million lawyers in the United States. A great many of those have experience in the kind of criminal cases that the DOJ’s Criminal Division handles. Any number of them have distinguished records and would have made excellent choices.

And, yet, out of all those options Joe Biden chose a guy from the same firm representing his son?

Ethics is not just about the reality of conflicts of interest. It is about the appearance of impropriety. I n fact, that is the entire basis for the rule that lawyers entering government service cannot be involved in cases involving former employers. It does not matter if they are, in fact, somehow unbiased. The appearance of impropriety would taint the entire system.

Joe Biden, or whoever is actually making the decisions for him, knew that when they chose McQuaid. If they had any interest in appearing ethical and unbiased, in fact, they would have immediately disqualified anybody connected to the firm representing Hunter from even being considered for a position at DOJ. The appearance of impropriety alone would have made them look elsewhere.

Yet, they didn’t. To understand why, let’s look a little deeper.

McQuaid joined Latham & Watkins in 2017. Prior to joining Latham, McQuaid was working as Deputy Counsel to President Barack Obama in the White House Counsel’s Office. During his time in the White House, McQuaid handled a number of issues including the “inquiry” into the Benghazi attacks. That would mean that he was one of the guys figuring out how to make sure that the White House did not end up holding the bag for abandoning Americans on foreign soil.

McQuaid is also one of the White House counsel who represented the Democratic National Committee and Perkins Coie in the lawsuit brought against them by Carter Page. That suit was brought by Page based on the fraudulent dossier used to justify the illegal surveillance mounted against him.

McQuaid is also, not surprisingly, a donor to the Biden for President campaign.

In short, no one went out and selected McQuaid based on some objective set of standards. He is not the best man for the job if the goal is to put criminals behind bars. That is not what McQuaid is at all. McQuaid is a fixer. He is the guy the Democratic establishment relies upon to come in, straighten things up, button things down and make sure the truth never sees the light of day. When there are dead Americans on foreign soil abandoned by an administration more concerned with politics than duty and you need that hushed up and buried, this is the guy you call. When you have lied through your teeth about Russian collusion to delegitimize a sitting President and really need the whole thing to go away, this is your man.

McQuaid wasn’t chosen to put crooks in prison. He wasn’t chosen to make sure the American people can sleep well in their beds at night. He was chosen to make sure the Biden family can rest easy in the knowledge that the investigations into Hunter and Joe’s entire family go nowhere.

Forget a laptop filled with documents and the testimony of people all over the world. Forget the billions of dollars and the very real possibility the man sitting in the White House is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. This party is over. The “Fixer” is in the house.