The Experts Are Wrong – Populists Are Not Opposed To Science


We are in the midst of a great political struggle in this nation. The battle is not between whites and blacks or gay and straight or male and female. It is not being waged along any of the fault lines the enemies of the American people try so hard to create every day. The battle – the real battle – is between the working people of the United States and the powerful, monied interests that believe it is their God-given right to rule and that the rest of us should be thankful for their wisdom and guidance.

In this battle, ridicule is a major element in the arsenal of the self-declared elitists. These oligarchs disparage their opponents as “ignorant and uncouth.” They demand that we “listen to the science” and follow the guidance of the “experts.”

These oligarchs may believe that in doing so they are being original. They are not. The last great populist movement in this nation was in the late 1800’s when industrial workers and farmers and other laborers banded together to oppose the “Robber Barons” of the time. All of the same attacks that were made against those “hayseeds” as are being made today.

The reality is, of course, that populists are not opposed to science. They never have been. They do not despise or ridicule experts. They do have a problem with bad science, and they don’t have much use for “experts” who turn out to be wrong more often than they are right.

For a generation, Americans were told by financial and economic “experts” that they would be better off if we closed down our factories, shipped our jobs to China and made ourselves completely dependent on supply chains under the control of a hostile Communist regime. As they shuffle past the closed mills and shuttered businesses in their hollowed-out hometowns on the way to the Dollar Store, many Americans are having a hard time believing these “experts” had any idea what they were talking about.

For twenty years Americans sent their sons and daughters off to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq and a dozen other places around the globe. They were assured by the “experts,” many of them wearing uniforms, that these sacrifices were necessary to keep Americans safe in their beds at night. They were promised victory. They are now being asked to accept that victory will never come.

We didn’t know what we were doing after all apparently. We will now simply pack up, go home and leave the locals to fend for themselves. The fathers and mothers who lost children and the men and women forever scarred by conflict may perhaps be excused then if they no longer accept the assurances of “experts” regarding our national security.

The American people were assured by the “experts” that China would inevitably liberalize as a consequence of its entry into the World Trade Organization. Once China opted into the world capitalist system, it would democratize as well. The Chinese people would not simply be better off economically, they would come to enjoy freedom and liberty.

The growing consensus seems to be that this was always hogwash. Decades of trade have made our number one enemy – a brutal totalitarian regime –stronger and infinitely more capable of destroying us. They have also made it even more difficult for the Chinese people to ever achieve true democracy.

For a year now, Americans have been told by “experts” of the dangers of COVID-19. Schools have been closed. Businesses have been destroyed. Our entire economy has been pushed to the brink of another depression.

And, now, we have begun to understand that, yet again, the “experts” had no idea what they were doing. Young children are not at any substantial risk from the disease. The schools should never have been closed. Nursing home residents are at serious risk. The decision to push COVID positive seniors into those homes was in many cases an effective death sentence – one made by state governors but endorsed by public health “experts” across the land.

The American people are not telling Washington, Big Tech, Big Pharma and the legacy media that they reject science. They are not saying that they do not value knowledge or education. They are saying they know they have been lied to, and they have had enough.

What “listen to the experts” really means is “sit down, shut up and do what you are told.” It means that the members of the self-appointed elite, our oligarchy, believe they are entitled to run this nation for their benefit and that we should simply accept that fact and remember our place. It is ultimately the most anti-democratic message imaginable and a threat to the entire principle, “all men are created equal,” on which this nation was founded.

This is why Pelosi and Schumer are so enraged. This is why Big Tech must crush all dissent. This is why Mitch McConnell wants so fervently for Donald Trump to go away and for the movement he represents to fade into oblivion. They understand the jig is up. They understand – like the Wizard of Oz when the curtain was pulled back – that they have been exposed.

The American people know the truth. They know the experts are wrong and they aren’t listening to them anymore.