Illinois Ends Cash Bail – Implements Additional Judicial Reforms


The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus introduced massive changes to judicial reform, including the elimination of cash bon and, limiting immunity for law enforcement. Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker  signed that legislation into law today.

While the Black Caucus and other Democrat members of the legislature applauded the move, other members and members of law enforcement are not convinced the law will work as plan.

“We understand the rationale for it, but there needs to be a lot more serious concern and a lot more latitude for judges to determine whether someone might be dangerous to society before letting them out on bail,” wrote Ed Wojcicki of the Illinois Associations of Chiefs of Police.

Republican Rep. Tom Weber stated, “

I would say I am shocked, but this has become the norm in Springfield – wait until the last moment and then drop a bill that is more than 700 pages on the floor, preventing even a basic level of public review,” wrote Weber in a statement to NBC.

“Make no mistake, this legislation is dangerous and makes every community less safe. Public safety budgets will be cut, unfunded mandates will be poured on local communities and police, and officers could be subjected to punishment and held personally liable for unsubstantiated or unverifiable complaints. However, perhaps the worst part, many violent felons will be able to walk free before trial.”

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