Despite Bipartisan Recall Support, Biden Says He Stands With Newsom


As The Federalist reported, the growing recall effort for Governor Gavin Newsom was started by Trump supporters, but has grown to include all segments of the political spectrum. It includes anyone who wants to hold Newsom accountable for what many believe was a total year of arbitrary lockdowns.

President Biden has stated that he supports and stands behind Newsom.

The recall petition against Governor Newsom has reached 1.7 million signatures.

Some of the sentiments of Californian’s being shared on social media – clearly unhappy with the lockdowns:

As noted by The Federalist, many Californians resent the lockdowns and Newsom has been caught out at his family restaurant fueling that resentment:

It’s about incompetence, best demonstrated by the multi-billion-dollar unemployment fraud that is just being unearthed, and double standards, like Newsom dining at one of the world’s most expensive restaurants with a group of lobbyists while publicly shaming Californians who wanted to spend Thanksgiving with their families. (It didn’t help that the French Laundry received $2.4 million in government loans while small businesses suffered.)

The recall is also about Newsom’s lack of transparency, including his refusal to provide information about the data supposedly driving the COVID lockdown orders and lying about the French Laundry incident being outdoors. More than anything, the recall is about Newsom’s failure to get schools reopened for in-person learning, despite reams of evidence that shows it is safe and that the costs of school closures far outweigh the benefits.

The Federalist (link to full article)