The Left’s Revolution Is Just Getting Started – More Riots Are Planned


If you have been paying attention to the corporate media’s narrative you will understand that the “mostly peaceful” protests that rocked this nation for much of last year are over. They were directed at the racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic regime of President Trump and the oppressive, colonialist system he represented. Trump is gone. Biden is in. It is all better now.

Trump bad. Biden good.

Except, of course, none of that is true. None of that was ever true.

The perhaps $2 billion in property damages suffered across the nation in 2020 were not the product of spontaneous, peaceful demonstrations designed to call attention to abuses and recommend reforms. They were carefully orchestrated revolutionary actions by a wide, sprawling network of well-funded groups – Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, Redneck Revolt, Liberation Road and many more, which seeks to destroy the existing capitalist and democratic system and replace it with an expressly Marxist state.

For these revolutionaries, who are the direct descendants of groups like the Weathermen and the Black Panthers, Biden is only slightly less noxious than Trump. These groups do not want kinder, gentler policing. They want the elimination of the police and security put under the control of “the Party.” They do not want relief from housing costs. They want the elimination of private property. They do not want acceptance for trans-gender individuals. They want the destruction of the nuclear family and the abolishment of gender as we know it.

Biden’s election did not placate these groups. It emboldened them.

This past Saturday night in Portland, Oregon hundreds of black-clad Antifa members swarmed the streets of the city’s Pearl District, home to some of the city’s most expensive high-rises and eating establishments. Businesses were vandalized and looted. Graffiti was sprayed everywhere. Most of the individuals involved in the violence wore helmets, respirators and other protective equipment.

The Portland Police were woefully outmanned and unable to disperse the crowd. At one point Portland Police officers were, in fact, forced to retreat and cede control over the area to the Antifa mob.


What just happened in Portland, however, is just a tune up. It is a small taste of what is to come. Groups that stood down temporarily – figuring Biden was the lesser of two evils are coming back to life. Joe’s election only gave them the opportunity to confront a weaker adversary, and they intend to exploit that opportunity.

Two Antifa affinity groups, the Youth Liberation Front and the Green Anti-Capitalist Front are pushing for a national Day of Action for March 6th. In their own words, “We have been quiet for too long. We must act now. We don’t want placards and speeches. We want action.” The poster for the event shows a building engulfed in flames with the words “Create and Destroy” printed over the image.

This call to action has been picked up by Antifa groups nationwide and is being repeated daily on social media. All of the communications are pushing a similar message. This will not be a peaceful protest. This will be in Antifa terms a day of direct action, which means property will be destroyed, police assaulted and anyone who gets in the way will suffer the consequences. This is revolution.

It is worth noting that the same groups organizing this nationwide insurrection are daily actively promoting the hunger strike being staged in Greece by Dimitris Koufodinas, a convicted member of the Greek terrorist group “17 November.” Koufodinas was the lead assassin for the group, which killed 23 people during its years of operations including several senior American officials. The message in this support by American Antifa groups is unmistakable. Violence in furtherance of the revolution is not only excused, it is glorified.

As Marxist and Anarchist groups across the country organize for March 6th, the Biden administration slumbers and the Department of Homeland Security continues to tell us with a straight face that white supremacists are our foremost concern. Mayors and Governors across the nation who let the nation burn to hurt Donald Trump show no sign of having awakened to the fact that their revolutionary allies are now coming for them. The stage is set for violence and destruction like that we saw last summer.

More to the point, however, whatever happens on March 6th, it will mean the end of nothing. It will be just another benchmark, another milestone. The revolutionary organizations we have allowed to grow on our soil are deadly serious. They mean everything they say. They will continue this struggle, and ratchet up the level of violence as they do so, until they either win or are dismantled.

The revolution is just getting started.