Orisha Land – A New Nation In The State Of Texas


Back in 2020 when Grandmaster Jay of the Not Fuckin’ Around Coalition (NFAC) was talking about a separate Black nation in North America and saying “We’ll take Texas,” most people were skeptical. A group of guys who spend most of their time accidentally discharging their weapons and shooting each other did not seem particularly serious. NFAC’s missteps, however, masked the deadly serious consequences of an ideology that increasingly seeks to Balkanize us and break our nation into pieces, which collectively will be much less than the whole.

Welcome to Orisha Land.

Orisha Land is an autonomous zone declared by the group “400 + 1.” It’s eleven mile perimeter is formed by Manor Road, 51st Street, Springdale Road, 7th Street, Interstate-35, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Franklin Street within what was formerly known as the city of Austin, Texas. On February 14, 2021 an eleven-mile car procession around the perimeter of this new nation formally announced that the authority of the State of Texas and of the United States of America would no longer be recognized.


The capital of Orisha Land is “Jordan’s Place” previously known as Rosewood Park. The Park was renamed by the inhabitants of Orisha Land in honor of Jordan Walton who reportedly died in an officer-involved shooting on February 10, 2021.

Orisha Land is apparently named in honor of African deities originally worshipped in West Africa and also figuring prominently in religious practices in Brazil and the Caribbean. Orisha Land is under the control of a group calling itself “400 + 1.” The group’s website makes clear it is dedicated to the creation of a separate Black nation. It also lays out the predictable Marxist positions one would anticipate from such an organization at this point in history. “400 + 1” opposes capitalism, “imperialism” and Israel. It wants to abolish prisons, abolish the police and open the borders. Whether the last means opening the borders to Orisha Land or the United States remains unclear.

Orisha Land is an expressly revolutionary and racist construct. It is a Black homeland within what was until recently the United States of America.

Under the revolutionary law of Orisha Land:

– The police are abolished.
– There is no private property.
– Food is grown on every lawn.
– “Reproductive equity means freedom from the exploitation of wage labor, sex free of stigma and constraint, free and accessible abortion, a right to pleasure flowing wild and uninhibited, and safe, happy, power-balanced child rearing.”

The goal of “400 + 1” in establishing Orisha Land is not simply to create a Black CHAZ in Texas. This is not a matter of declaring a few blocks free of state control. The express goal of “400 + 1” in creating Orisha Land was to begin the process of creating what will ultimately be a true Black, Pan African homeland. The group understands what that means. It anticipates resistance. It intends to fight back.

“Every time the state takes an action in or against Orisha Land, 400 + 1 will respond. We understand that throughout our battle for autonomy, the state will respond and attempt to reclaim Orisha Land. We understand that throughout our battle for autonomy, we will sustain losses.”

“We are growing revolutionaries who will grow revolutionaries who will grow revolutionaries. We are building a vanguard who will build Black capacity among the masses, who, in turn, will deliver the final blow to the state that oppresses us.”

Orisha Land may be a revolutionary Black proto-state, but it has not forgotten about its white brothers and sisters. “400 + 1” runs a site called the Ally Ship for white people who want to redeem themselves and acknowledge their inherent racism. Under the heading “Looking for Ways to Redistribute Your Wealth” the Ally Ship site allows you to sign up to make monthly donations toward reparations and also to contribute to the Orisha Land bail fund.

The name of the group, which created Orisha Land, “400 + 1” is a deliberate reference to the four hundred years in which the group believes people of African descent were held in legal, chattel slavery in the New World. The “+” is intended to indicate that the end of de jure slavery changed nothing for Black people in the United States. According to the group, Black people continue to suffer oppression today every bit as horrible as what they did under slavery.

The only way in which to end the oppression of Blacks in the United States according to “400 + 1” is to create a separate Black nation. That this new nation will also happen to be an expressly Marxist state, which rejects all aspects of democracy and capitalism appears to be assumed.

What this is, transparently, is a Marxist revolution on U.S. soil, one with distinctly Maoist tendencies. “400 + 1”, like Black Lives Matter (BLM) is dedicated to the destruction of the United States as it currently exists. This revolution is part and parcel of the broader Marxist insurrection that has been ongoing in this nation for a full year now and shows no sign of abating. Orisha Land and the people who created it may seem silly to many Americans who are not paying attention to what is happening around them. The news media – determined to continue to champion the lie that our number one domestic threat comes from white supremacists and right-wing extremists – may simply ignore the threat posed by revolutionary groups in our midst.

That does not change the reality of the situation. Orisha Land exists. Tomorrow there will be another such enclave. While Nancy is fencing off the Capitol and stationing National Guard troops on the Mall, out in the real world the real revolution is already underway.