Finding The Courage To Defend Freedom


In the life of President Abraham Lincoln, there are any number of dramatic and momentous moments. For the fate of the nation, there is perhaps none more consequential than the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. That document provided “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”

The proclamation did not complete the job of ending slavery. It applied, as written, only to slaves held in states, which were not then under federal control, and therefore its immediate practical impact was limited. Still, it was monumental in its impact.

The ongoing Civil War was now expressly about the abolition of slavery. There would be no return to the previous status quo. We were no longer a nation that would tolerate the holding of human beings in bondage on our shores.

Slavery was the original sin of the founding of the United States. It made a lie of every promise we made about freedom, equality and the dignity of mankind. It was in direct contradiction of those cherished words “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” For hundreds of years like a cancer it persisted inside our nation, and every compromise we made with it only ensured the disease would persist and spread.

Thanks to the resolve of Lincoln and the men who donned Union blue we ended slavery. We have not yet fully resolved its lingering impacts, but we are a better nation for having stood our ground and refused any longer to tolerate injustice.

We have now arrived at another such moment in time. We have arrived at another juncture, where we must resolve no longer to compromise with or tolerate injustice. As Lincoln said, unequivocally, “this far and no further” we must also find the courage to do the right thing.

For decades now we have tolerated the growth of radical Marxist ideology within our nation. Masquerading as liberalism this ideology does not seek to enhance personal liberty at all. It does exactly the opposite. It seeks to break down and destroy all aspects of our democratic society, endow the state with unlimited authority over every aspect of our lives and, ultimately, eliminate personal freedom and individual choice entirely:

– Our children are now taught in our public schools that they live in an inherently racist society created by genocidal monsters. Terrorists like Huey Newton who founded the Black Panthers, a group focused on the assassination of police officers, are glorified.

– With increasing frequency, “autonomous zones” like the recently declared as “Orisha Land” spring up around the nation, announcing they are no longer subject to the laws of the United States and rejecting private property and all notions of traditional family structure and gender.

– Expressly Marxist/Anarchist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa bring violence to our streets, terrorize our cities and tell anyone who will listen that they intend to “burn down” the entire existing social order.

– Corporations increasingly require their employees whose ancestors immigrated here from Europe to attend training sessions at which they must confess their “white guilt” and learn how to become “white traitors.”

– The very concept of national borders is demonized as “imperialist”, “colonialist” and “racist.” We are abandoning the concept of the nation state in favor of allowing an unlimited number of foreign nationals to enter and remain on our soil.

– We are simultaneously dismantling – effectively – all of the controls in place to ensure any semblance of a free and fair election. The agenda is clear. The power of tens of millions of new “Americans” will be leveraged. We will become a one-party state, and soon thereafter, in effect, we will cease to be a republic at all.

– All traditional notions of gender and family structure are being torn down. We are no longer talking about rights for gay couples or women. We are talking about eliminating the entire concept of gender. We are talking about ending the nuclear family. You will no longer make decisions about your child because that child will no longer be in any meaningful fashion yours. The state will “assign” gender. The state will decide when that gender needs to altered. The state will decide if you get to keep “your children” at all.

– The entire federal government, including our military, has begun the process of purging “extremists.” The definition of what constitutes an “extremist” is written by the state. In this case, increasingly it means anyone who does not agree with the new radical dogma being forced on the citizens of this nation.

– Our Capitol is surrounded by fences, razor wire, and armed soldiers. They are not there to protect against an armed insurrection. They are there to telegraph the clear message that no dissent will be tolerated.

– The lords of the internet and the corporate media, all infused with the new Marxist “religion” stifle dissent, suppress the truth and perpetuate lies. Every Orwellian prediction that once seemed only science fiction is coming true.

The cancer of Marxist ideology we have allowed to persist is destroying the nation. Continued denial of the threat will not make it go away. Continued compromise will only allow the threat to grow ever greater.

It is time to draw a line in the sand. This is not a call for violence. We do not need self-styled saviors of the republic in camouflage and carrying their hunting rifles to appear, break the law and make the situation worse. We need patriots who will stand up, speak up, run for office, tell the truth, and refuse to back down from a fight.

We need to follow Lincoln’s example and refuse any longer to compromise with an ideology that is antithetical to the very nature of our republic.

This is not a white fight. It is not a black fight. This is not about sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any of the other things the enemies of our democracy use to divide us and weaken our resolve.

This fight is about personal liberty. It is about freedom. It is about the basic concept that power derives from the people, not the state. It is about liberty.

We fought a terrible Civil War once over these principles. We had the courage to do what was right. We need to find that courage again.