Reality Is Inconvenient – Minneapolis May Be On Fire Again Tomorrow


In Washington, D.C., Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and their allies have made the calculus that the best hope they have of breaking the rising power of populism in the country is to brand all those who dare oppose them as white supremacists and insurrectionists. To that end they have ringed the Capitol with fences and razor wire and deployed what amounts to an occupying army of National Guardsmen, who spend their days starting blankly at an empty Mall and wondering when they will be allowed to go home and return to their lives.

Inside the government the hunt is on for “extremists,” The military recently declared a standdown in fact on other activities so that commanders could focus the needed attention on the growing danger in the ranks. Joe Biden himself has made known his concern about the threat from veterans and former law enforcement officers.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, epicenter of the outbreak of left wing violence that gutted our cities last year, the story is completely different. There, in the real world, the one that Pelosi, her allies and their lackeys in the corporate media cannot quite make go away, the city is bracing for a firestorm as the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin approaches.

Chauvin is the officer who was filmed kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for nine minutes before Floyd died May 25, 2020. Chauvin goes on trial tomorrow for second degree murder and second degree manslaughter. Minneapolis, the city where the Third Precinct was overrun, abandoned and then burned in the aftermath of Floyd’s death is preparing for the worst.

The courthouse where the trial will take place has been fortified. It is surrounded by barricades, fencing and concrete barriers. The space between the layers of fencing has been filled with razor wire. Surrounding buildings and storefronts are boarded up. The same kinds of preparations are being made at five police precincts in the surrounding area.

To supplement its own law enforcement resources, Minneapolis has brought in over 1,000 additional police officers from surrounding jurisdictions. Two thousand National Guardsmen have been deployed. The city has already laid on additional grief counselors and trauma counselors as well. The State of Minnesota has set aside $35 million for security during the trial.

Virtually all the 2,500 individuals who work in the courthouse when it is in full operation will be removed from the building for the duration of the trail. That includes the judges. All 58 of the judges not involved in the Chauvin trial will conduct trials and hearings from computer screens in their homes.

Access to the courtroom where Chauvin will be tried will be restricted to around 30 participants. The media, except for two reporters, will be limited to watching a live feed of the proceedings on a big screen television in a building across the street.

The organization on the part of those who wrecked the city once and are prepared to do it again is just as intense. Multiple events are already scheduled downtown in the vicinity of the courthouse for the first day of proceedings. High school students are being instructed to refuse to attend school and to instead rally downtown as well.

At George Floyd Square, the new name for the intersection at which Floyd died, the crowds and handfuls of individuals in stereotypical Antifa Black Bloc attire are already milling around. Left wing extremist groups consider the “square” an autonomous zone outside of the jurisdiction of the city. Police promises to “retake” the “square” have been met with threats of violence by local organizers. When a man was killed at the square recently responding police were met with resistance and told they had no jurisdiction in the area.

Left wing extremist groups are tracking what they identify as FBI and local law enforcement aircraft conducting surveillance over Minneapolis in the run up to the trial. Followers of the groups in question are being given the call signs in use by the aircraft, the frequencies on which they are operating and the tail numbers of the aircraft in question. That information is being passed along not only for general awareness but so that organizers of the inevitable violence can take steps to hide their activities from observation.

Groups organizing in the runup to the trial are providing information to their members on the tactics the police will use to attempt to control riots and how to defeat those tactics and overcome law enforcement. Maps posted to the internet identify the security measures in place and the areas to which police will attempt to confine crowds. The group posting the maps provided this background and context.

“It shows the state of current security fences/infrastructure based on our own observations and news reports, plus our own assessment of high- and medium-risk areas of kettling (entrapment by state security forces). The authors are local abolitionist residents who want to end the 200+ year military/police occupation of this land. We only represent ourselves and not any organization or group. We are not event organizers. Information shown here may not be up to date. Date and time stamps are used whenever possible. Do not rely on this map alone to make decisions for yourself or your group. Act thoughtfully and remember you don’t need to be in the belly of the beast in order to slay it.

The stage is set. All those groups that the corporate media likes to pretend either do not exist or engage only in peaceful protests are preparing to once again take Minneapolis apart. Press reporting has suggested the strong possibility that Floyd will be found to have died due to a fentanyl overdose not anything that the police did. If that proves true, and Chauvin is acquitted, we can safely assume that all hell will break loose in Minneapolis, perhaps on a scale which will dwarf last year. How far that violence might spread across the nation is anybody’s guess.

None of that seems relevant in D.C. The hunt for right wing insurrectionists is politically useful. Facing a possible firestorm of left-wing violence might require courage, integrity and speaking hard truths. Better to steer well clear of that.

Reality it seems is politically inconvenient.