Marxists Hate Sunlight – Let’s Give Them More Of It…


One of the keys to staging a revolution is disguising your goals and hiding your true purpose. Any good Maoist understands that you do not necessarily want, particularly early on in the revolutionary process, to reveal your true intent. You don’t tell the peasants you intend to impose a strict totalitarian regime, drag the malcontents off to reeducation camps and confiscate all private property. You identify their grievances, assure them you are on their side, exploit divisions in society and tear down the existing social order.

The day will come when you openly explain your true purpose, but that day is not today. For now, this is not about Marxism and the Party. It is about the community, about oppression, and about “justice.”

Minneapolis is primed for an explosion. The streets are already full of protesters. The intersection where George Floyd died last year has been declared an autonomous zone where police are not welcome. It has been closed off by checkpoints and barriers put in place by the new rulers of this proto-state.

When and if former officer Derek Chauvin is acquitted, or the charges against him dismissed, this city will burn. Last May the mob overran a police precinct. This time it may be the now fortified courthouse itself that is destroyed. Minneapolis will not be the only city that descends into chaos either. The fuse lit there will set off explosions all around the nation.

None of this will happen by accident. None of this will, in fact, be the result of some naturally occurring, organic rage. It will be the result of long, hard work by Marxist groups intent on destroying the foundations of the republic. But, if you look for that you better be prepared to do more than scratch the surface. The ‘boys and girls’ running this revolution have learned the tricks of the trade and they know what they are about.

At the heart of the coalition of groups organizing in Minneapolis is an organization called the Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar. If you look at the group’s Facebook page and its website, you will see that this is a local community group. It was organized on the Northside of Minneapolis, and its stated purpose is to campaign for justice and police reform.

“We stand in solidarity with all victims and families of police crimes and this is why we are campaigning for an All-Civilian Police Accountability Council which would control all aspects of Minneapolis policing from budgets, to the police rule-book, appointment of the chief, and hiring/firing/discipline practices and investigations of complaints.”

Sounds like pretty generic, grassroots stuff.

Here’s what neither the Facebook page nor the website will tell you.

At the heart of the Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar is its leader Jessica Sundin. She is a member of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO). She is married to Stefanie Yorek, another member of Freedom Road. In fact, Yorek is the Political Secretary for Freedom Road and during the Trump administration called for direct action that would make the country “ungovernable.”

The FRSO was founded in 1985 as an alliance of the remaining members of a long list of Maoist revolutionary movements including the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Weathermen, Revolutionary Communist Party, League of Revolutionary Struggle, Communist Party USA (Marxist-Leninist) and the Communist Workers Party. As a Maoist group, the FRSO – from the outset – focused heavily on racial and minority issues and the exploitation of racial and ethnic grievances as tools for the advancement of revolutionary change.

In 1999, the FRSO split. One portion of the group is now known as Liberation Road. The FRSO itself is particularly strong in the Midwest and in a number of major cities. The group openly supports China and North Korea and has been shown to have ties to Palestinian terrorist groups in the past. At least four FRSO delegations have traveled to Venezuela in the last two years.

The FRSO expressly rejects attempting to seek reform or change through the electoral process. Its statement of June 12, 2020, on its own website does a masterful job of capturing the revolutionary Marxist nature of its agenda and its intentions.

“We need revolution. A revolution where the wealthy are divested of their riches and rule of the working class is established – socialism. As it stands, the United States is a jailhouse for the oppressed…

Revolutionary change takes revolutionaries and revolutionaries need organization. Our rulers are well-organized – so we need to be too. Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a multinational organization. Our members are African American, Chicanos and Latinos, white, and Native Americans. Every successful revolution has at its core an organization that could unite the many to defeat the few. It has been done elsewhere and it can be done here too.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a Marxist-Leninist organization. We are reds and proud of it. Be it China, Russia, Cuba, or any other country where the rule of capital was brought to an end, revolutionaries employing Marxism-Leninism were at the forefront. We are serious about winning…

It’s like Karl Marx said, we have nothing to lose but our chains. And we have a world to win.”

In 2000 Sundin traveled to Colombia and met with senior FARC leader Raul Reyes. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is a Communist organization that fought the government of Colombia for five decades before signing a peace deal at the end of 2016. The fighting in Colombia resulting from this conflict left more than 260,000 dead and millions displaced.

Sundin was also a member of the Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES). She traveled to El Salvador on behalf of the organization. She was for at least two years the Midwest Regional Director for CISPES.

CISPES his an organization run by Salvadoran Communist Party members and Cuban intelligence officials. Its original purpose was to oppose American intervention in the Salvadoran civil war. It continues to oppose American activities in Salvador to this day.

When it was originally formed, CISPES was closely affiliated with the Soviet-controlled World Peace Council. The organization also had close ties to the Communist Party USA’s central committee.

In 2010 the FBI raided the homes of a dozen left-wing activists as part of an investigation into connections to foreign terrorist organizations. Sundin’s home was one of the locations searched, and she herself was one of the targets of the investigation.

According to Sundin, the parent organization of the Twin Cities Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar is the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (NAARPR). The NAARPR is run by Frank Chapman. Frank Chapman is a longtime Communist. He is a member of the Central Committee of the FRSO.

The NAARPR is the new incarnation of an organization with the same name that was established by the Communist Party of the United States in 1973. The original NAARPR was part of the Black Liberation Movement and connected with the Black Panthers, a group which killed dozens of police officers across the United States.

Sundin has openly bragged about being in the street during the violence that convulsed Minneapolis in May 2020.

“Lots of buildings were destroyed. Some by fire, you know… some by brute force. Sometimes it was golf clubs, sometimes it was baseball bats…and a lot of folks wanted to get out to other sites around the city where there is really pitched battles happening. And we support all of that.”

Speaking of the sacking of the Third Precinct police station in May 2020, Sundin said:

“I can’t tell you the joy it brought all of us to see the third precinct destroyed.”

What is happening in Minneapolis, and dozens of other cities across the country is not the result of local people organizing for reform. It is not spontaneous. It is not uncoordinated.

What is happening is that Marxist groups within this nation, many of them with pedigrees that go back many decades are fomenting revolution. Yes, they are exploiting real grievances and real divisions as they go. That is classic Maoist doctrine.

What they want, however, is not reform. It is not a kinder, gentler society or a more equitable justice system. They want to destroy the entire capitalist, democratic system and replace it with an expressly Communist state.

To stop them the first step is to expose them. Make them reveal their intentions and stand naked before the world. They don’t like that.

Marxists hate sunlight.