Ground Truth: Arizona Border Recon Founder Discusses Major Issues Unfolding At Our Southern Border


Sam Faddis talks with Tim Foley founder and leader of Arizona Border Recon. The group is not a militia. It works to provide intelligence to federal authorities on individuals crossing the border from Mexico into Arizona illegally. These are concerned citizens lending their support to law enforcement.

Foley talks about the crisis unfolding at our southern border caused by the Biden administration’s disastrous decisions.

Some of the highlights: –

  • Catch and release is back
  • Migrants are crossing the border en masse.
  • Groups on the U.S. side of the border are helping the migrants by putting water and food drops in the desert for their use.
  • In some cases, these groups receive taxpayer funding.
  • Tucson is spending $100,000 a day to house and feed migrants.
  • Each illegal pays a fee to organized cartels to be brought across the border. These fees can be excessive. If you can’t pay, you work off your fee by “muling” drugs for the drug lords.

There is no end in sight. Biden has effectively eliminated our southern border and invited the world in.

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