Ground Truth: Former Special Forces Officer Joe Kent Seeks To Primary Republican Incumbent In Washington State


Sam Faddis interviews Joe Kent, candidate for Congress in Washington State, and discusses his motivations for running and how he sees the issues.

 Joe is a retired Army Special Forces chief warrant officer who served for over 20 years and completed 11 combat deployments. He is also a Gold Star husband. His wife, Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Shannon Kent, was killed in 2019 conducting special operations against ISIS in Syria. 

After Shannon’s death, Joe returned home to the Pacific Northwest to raise his sons and to be near family. He is currently running for a congressional seat in Washington State’s 3rd Congressional District. He is seeking to primary Representative Jamie Herrera Beutler, who was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump. Beutler was also a witness for the Democrats during the impeachment hearing.  Twenty-two years ago Joe volunteered and joined the military to serve his country. Today he is volunteering again, this time to restore sanity to this great nation and to bring the voice of reason to D.C.

Democracy is not a spectator sport. If you are unhappy with the state of affairs, take a cue from Joe. Get off the couch. Get in the game. 

Stay in the fight.

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