The Elephant In The Room – The Chinese Communist Party


Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Let’s talk about the fact that never before in American history have we have a President and an administration seemingly so compromised by a hostile, foreign power. The scope of what we now face is literally unprecedented.

  • Joe Biden: His record speaks for itself. His son Hunter was the bag man for years for a family enterprise selling access to first Senator and then Vice-President Biden. Chief amongst the list of thuggish totalitarian states lining up to hand vast sums of money to Hunter in exchange for access to Joe, Communist China.
  • Tony Blinken, Secretary of State. Blinken is fresh from running a pro-Chinese institute at the University of Pennsylvania, which shamelessly pushes CCP propaganda and looks a whole lot like it is a part of Xi Jinping’s worldwide United Front program.
  • Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor. Sullivan came back to federal service from a stint with yet another pro-CCP institute, this one at Yale.
  • Marty Walsh, Labor Secretary. Walsh has long-standing connections to the CCP and as mayor of Boston literally flew the Chinese flag in front of city hall.
  • Deb Haaland, Interior Secretary. Haaland has a long association with the pro-CCP Communist Party of the USA and was promoted for her position by senior members of the Communist Party.
  • Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden’s Ambassador to the United Nations, is on record praising China’s actions in Africa, where the CCP bribes governments, exploits the native people and strips the continent of natural resources. According to Thomas-Greenfield, the people of Africa, look to the Chinese Communist Party as you would to a “big brother.”

This list is representative only. We could literally fill pages with the names of individuals now holding senior positions in this government who have been compromised by the CCP.

And, yet, not only is this largely not discussed, a very different, counter-narrative is being pushed. The Chinese are not the problem – it is the Russians, or maybe the Iranians.

Prior to the election when the Hunter Biden laptop scandal broke, the lurid details of Hunter’s worldwide efforts to vacuum up cash for his family’s influence-peddling operation threatened momentarily to expose the truth. Spend even a short time reviewing the contents from that laptop as I have for months, and you will be hard-pressed to believe you are looking at anything other than criminal behavior.

Then to the rescue came fifty “intelligence officers” all of whom signed on to a letter branding the laptop as Russian propaganda. The exact language of the letter is a little vaguer than that, after all, none of these individuals had bothered to look at the information they were now dismissing as propaganda. Semantics did not matter, however. The corporate media did their part and simplified the message. The laptop is not real. The Russians are behind it. Oh, and, for good measure, if you blame anything on the Chinese you are racist.

The ploy worked. Most of America went to the polls with no knowledge of the fact that Hunter was handed $1.5 billion by the State Bank of China at the same time his father, then the Vice-President, was effectively conceding the entire South China Sea to the Chinese Communist Party.

The same message, that it is the Russians who are the real threat, continues to be broadcast to this day. Recently, the Director of National Intelligence put out an assessment warning us again about this threat. Russia attempted to meddle in the recent election. Iran did as well. And, for good measure, just in case you did not take the fine point, the Chinese considered interfering but did not – opting instead to rely upon the stability of their relationship with Washington.

That both Russia and Iran will act contrary to our interests is manifestly obvious. To suggest that the primary national security threat we face today, Communist China, is benign and opting for “stability” is absurd. It is worth noting in this connection, that this recent DNI assessment is essentially completely devoid of any sourcing. We are left without any clue as to the basis of the assessment presented to the nation as fact.

We have for years now worried increasingly about the state of our intelligence apparatus. Politicization seems to have reached new heights, and it is increasingly hard to tell where the line is between propaganda and political rhetoric and actual intelligence analysis. Nowhere is this more evident and more alarming than in regard to Communist China.

The Soviet Union once sought to destroy us by building a vast military machine. The CCP has its own such ambitions, the military might, and may yet demonstrate them, but for now, the Communists seem to have found that they can achieve their aims by exploiting the ultimate weakness of any capitalist system – greed. Beijing has bought itself an entire army of willing collaborators, who are more than happy to trade the nation and our sovereignty for cash.

All of this is happening in broad daylight. Hunter Biden, “bag man” for what may prove to be the world’s biggest influence-peddling machine, is still flitting in and out of the White House. Two men, Blinken and Sullivan, who are connected to entities that have taken millions in Chinese money, much of it anonymously, are being dispatched to negotiate with CCP officials. A man who flew the Chinese flag in front of his office in Boston is a step away from confirmation as Labor Secretary.

And, never mind the elephant in the room, we are being admonished to watch out for Vladimir Putin.