‘Ever Given’ Freed From Suez Canal After Being Stuck For Nearly A Week


The skyscraper-sized cargo ship – ‘Ever Given’ – that had been stuck in the Suez Canal since last Tuesday has finally been freed. The stuck ship resulted in more than 350 ships either being stuck in the canal or having to reroute around Africa.

The Ever Given was initially reported to have run aground due to poor visibility from winds and a sandstorm. However, the chairman for the Suez canal, General Osama Rabie later stated that the ship may have gotten stuck due to “technical or human errors,” The Liberty Loft reported. Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi made the decision to have the ship partially unloaded on Sunday in order to make efforts to move the ship a little easier.

After the Ever Given was “refloated” it began moving freely through the canal. It will be placed in a lake near the canal to be inspected for seaworthiness. According to Reuters, Suez Canal authorities believe it will take at least three days to clear the current backlog of 369 ships waiting to transit the canal. Canal authorities said that an average of 100 ships per day will be allowed to start transiting.

Reuters via Twitter