The Next Great Fire – Minneapolis And Other Cities…


In 1871 the Great Chicago Fire burned in the heart of the city from October 8th to October 10th. By the time it was extinguished three hundred people were dead and 3.3 square miles of the city had been destroyed. One hundred thousand people were left homeless. Ever since there has been a debate about how the blaze started. Legend blames it on Mrs. O’Leary’s cow knocking over a lantern in a barn. Other theories revolve around a card game in progress in the same structure and suggest one of the attendees knocked over the aforesaid lantern.

The real story will probably never be known, and in a greater sense, it is irrelevant. Chicago was going to burn. It was just a matter of when.

Chicago in 1871 was a city of wooden buildings topped with highly flammable tar or shingle roofs. The sidewalks and many of the roads were also made of wood. The summer preceding the fire had been marked by a long drought. Firefighting resources were woefully inadequate. At the time the blaze broke out a strong, dry wind was blowing toward the northeast. All it took was a spark, to turn what amounted to a tinderbox into an inferno.

Much like Minneapolis today.

Opening Statements in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin began today. The trial is underway. The entire city of Minneapolis is ready to ignite. Countless other cities around the country are primed to follow suit. All it will take is a result in this trial that is perceived as unjust or which is deliberately characterized that way by those who want both Minneapolis and the entire nation to burn.

Al Sharpton is in town speaking to the press and the residents of the city and doing his best to add to the likelihood that there will be a tragedy. His message and that of so many others is crystal clear. There is no question of guilt or innocence. Chauvin committed murder. If he is not convicted of that crime and sent to prison it will mean only one thing, that a systemically racist system has effectively legalized the torture and murder of black men by the police.

All over the city, even more direct messages are being broadcast all day every day. What happened in Minneapolis last year in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death is explicitly referred to as an uprising. The sacking of the Third Precinct police station is hailed as a great victory. Posters depicting it in flames are widely distributed and the same image is ubiquitous online.

The groups pushing this rhetoric are explicit. The uprising is not over. It has only just begun. This is not about police reform. It is not even really about George Floyd. This is expressly about revolution, about tearing down and destroying the existing system. Floyd’s death is of significance only insofar as it is exploited to ensure that the revolution succeeds. The uprising lives on…

The area around the intersection where Floyd died has been renamed George Floyd Square and designated as an autonomous zone by the individuals organizing for violence in the city. The police cannot go there without meeting organized resistance. Checkpoints around the area are manned by “security” who prevent outsiders from entering. Gunfire within the “autonomous zone” is virtually constant. There has been a long series of shootings. Residents who dial 911 are unlikely to get assistance because the police cannot physically make it into the area.

Downtown the courthouse where the trial is taking place is ringed with fences, razor wire and barriers. Three thousand extra police and National Guardsmen have been brought in to bolster security. City residents have been formally advised they must be prepared to shelter in place for up to three days without city services once the anticipated violence begins.

The Anarchist website Unicorn Riot is providing continuous coverage of the trial and mixing it with video glorifying the events of last year’s riots. The video includes images of entire blocks of buildings burning juxtaposed with audio of individuals reveling in the destruction, talking about how they “deserve” to see the destruction and how nice it is the flames are “keeping them warm”.

Unicorn Riot’s YouTube coverage of the Chauvin trial:

At any one point on a website that broadcasts the live video streams of leftist agitators and organizers, there are dozens of broadcasts of speeches, rallies, and protests in support of George Floyd and the ongoing “revolution.” Some of those are coming from Minneapolis. Many of them are coming from other cities around the country.

Meanwhile, at the federal level, the doddering Joe Biden and the mendacious Kamala Harris continue to peddle the fiction that the immediate threat to the well-being of the republic consists of a mysterious, and invisible, white supremacist movement that has infiltrated our institutions and has ambitions of staging an insurrection. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is pulling out all stops to track down and prosecute for misdemeanor charges of unlawful entry individuals who entered the Capitol on January 6th. Nancy Pelosi has her own private army deployed to keep watch on an empty Mall.

There is still time for the federal government to head off the coming conflagration. The FBI could track down the individuals organizing the violence that is to come. The National Guard could be deployed in larger numbers and a strong message of deterrence sent. Just as Chicago could have beefed up its fire department in 1871 and prepared for the disaster to come, we have yet time to act.

But, we won’t. Biden and his cronies are wedded to their narrative. The threat of leftist violence has no part in that. Nothing will be done. The wind will begin to blow. A spark will be struck.

And, Minneapolis will burn.