Former Clinton Advisor: Vaccine Passports The End Of America And Our Liberties


During an interview on The Highwire, Dr. Naomi Wolf, a former advisor to President Bill Clinton’s campaign and CEO of her own technology firm, says that this is that moment in time that is (hopefully not literally) “a hill to die on.” She says she has been warning since the publication of her book “The End Of America” in 2008 that there are ten steps that “dictators always take when they need to close an open society.” She says a vaccine passport satisfies the very last (10th) step to be implemented – “from which there is no turning back.” She also notes that the division of society into two groups – vaccinated and unvaccinated – is “just the beginning” and “you don’t have a choice” whether to opt into this “passport” system. Once it is implemented it will control where you can go and what you can do – it eliminates the possibility for like-minded individuals to meet up, for example at a pub, to discuss starting a movement “to win back our freedoms.” Wolf also warns that this technology has been implemented in Israel and dissidents and activists there are already warning that in a few short months it has created an “apartheid” like state and that monitoring and surveillance of the public have reached an all-time high.

The ten steps Wolf outlines in her 2008 book, “The End Of America” are:

  • Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy.
  • Create a gulag.
  • Develop a thug caste.
  • Set up an internal surveillance plan.
  • Harass citizens’ groups.
  • Engage in arbitrary detention and release.
  • Target key individuals.
  • Control the press.
  • Dissent equals treason.
  • Suspend the rule of law.

Wolf also notes that as a top-level political advisor she was taught to identify the goal (e.g. of a policy initiative) and then to work backward from that to implement the measures necessary or “create a story” to realize that goal. She claims there is a massive disinformation/propaganda campaign to get us to agree to give up our hard-earned freedoms. What is the outcome desired by all of the implemented pandemic policies? States and countries that locked down did no better than states and countries that did, she stated. But, those who lost their freedoms during lockdowns will “do anything” to get back to ‘freedom’ or the lost normality.

Who benefits from all of the measures that have been implemented as a result of the decisions taken to deal with the covid virus? Wolf stated that “the most thoughtful people” she knew in the world of “statecraft, analysis, and intelligence are pretty worried that the Chinese Communist Party has been basically engaging in what China calls asymmetrical warfare – which means winning a war without firing a shot.” “And the way that’s been done was by buying up, buying up Western leaders, influencers, news outlets, cultural venues, even down to the level of local government officials.” She added, “America has been so perforated by this influence that is designed to tenderize us as an enemy.” “Look at the policies that have followed this pandemic” – “they make no sense unless their goal is to weaken the United States.”

When confronted by Highwire host, Del Bigtree, whether that meant that the leadership of the U.S. is implicated in this, she responded by saying that the policies we are seeing “don’t make sense.” She further explains how conflicted our systems of education, community groups, government organizations, medical associations, etc. have become – as institutes such as Bill Gate’s foundation flood money into many of these groups – creating an absolute conflict of interest. She says she has no evidence of officials in the U.S. being “bought off.” But, she also asked – is it not a conflict of interest that Gates donates millions to the CDC and the New York Times while also being a seller and maker of vaccines (among other products, including bidding on an electronic vaccine passport)?

Wolf says this is “not a passport, it’s a yellow star.” She said she “says that as the granddaughter of someone” who lost siblings to Hitler’s holocaust. “It’s not a passport, it’s a euphemism – it’s the beginning of the end for your ability to control your body, your movement, your income, your privacy, your sex life, your family life.” Unless you understand the history of the pharmaceutical industry and the state, you are “sadly misguidedif you think this is going to stop with one coronavirus injection. Wolf’s knowledge of government and big tech provides her with the background to understand and explain what else this “passport” system can and will do to the citizens of the free world if implemented – they (big tech, big government, and big pharma) will be able to track every movement, every payment, every sentiment uttered and eliminate your ability to participate in society.

Wolf’s company, which runs, is launching an initiative to encourage all fifty U.S. states to implement legislation that specifically enshrines our rights to “no masks, open schools, freedom of assembly, no vaccine passports, and no emergency measures.” She says “this is it, this is the battle.”

The whole interview, on the Highware, and available on the Highwire’s BitChute channel, is more than worth a listen:

These are the opening two quotes that appear in Wolf’s 2008 book:

As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such a twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the airhowever slightlest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.

Justice William O. Douglas

We began with freedom.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wolf’s book The End Of America, was written towards the end of the Bush administration and refers to the dangers to our liberties created by The Patriot Act, the establishment of the Homeland Security Administration, and other measures that were allowed to pass and flourish based on the “fear” which followed the 9/11 terrorist attacks on our country. We are now being encouraged to allow the last of our freedoms and liberties to be infringed upon (or be eradicated) based on the “fear” of the covid (Sars CoV2) virus which has been created and pushed by our government leaders, the media, and big corporations such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the pharmaceutical giants. Any doctors, scientists, and commentators who question the “narrative” are quite effectively silenced and banned from the most prolific social media sharing platforms and from corporate media.