The Truth About Vaccine Passports


The imposition of company-mandated “vaccine passports” on U.S. citizens as a requirement for using their services is a clear and present danger to our constitutional freedoms. Such passports have nothing to do with controlling the pandemic but everything to do with controlling every aspect of our lives

The battle for freedom is already underway against this unconstitutional plan to control Americans. The first standard-bearer is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has banned vaccine passports in his state. Florida is in stark contrast to the health ministers of the G7 countries, Canada, the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Japan – who met on 29 March to discuss the introduction of vaccine passports.

But it is not necessary that the Biden administration issues a mandate for such a “passport,” since oligarchs controlling access to food, like Amazon, and other well-attended industries like cruise ships, airlines, and sports arenas are happy to do it themselves. They will then make the gathered data available to government agencies. Recognizing that a government mandate for vaccine passports would be immediately challenged as unconstitutional, the Biden administration has piously stated that it would not issue a mandate but would assist Big Business with developing “standards” instead. 

Once the passport principle is established it will certainly be adopted by smaller businesses like restaurants, drugstores, barbershops and salons, bus lines, taxis, and enter into every other aspect of daily life. Those modest but essential businesses will simply take the place of the Gestapo, asking every customer to “Show me your papers” before allowing entry. 

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The passports will divide America between the vaccinated and those who refuse to be injected with an experimental drug unapproved by the FDA and already shown to be deadly in thousands of cases. The oligarchs, like those controlling Microsoft (a company already working on a digital passport), will be able to easily add other applications to the passport platform, like a GPS system that will track the location of each passport holder. Or a link to a credit card company will record every purchase, such as a visit to a doctor or time spent at a gun range. The ranks of those who refuse to be vaccinated will be slowly crushed until they are small groups, like the Amish, and are easily managed.

Does this appear far-fetched? Dr. Naomi Wolf, a former advisor to President Bill Clinton and CEO of her own technology firm, does not think so. In a recent interview, she said she has been warning since 2008, when her book “The End Of America” was published, that closing an open society is the last step that “dictators always take.” Mandating a vaccine passport would satisfy that final step. She also said that dividing society into two groups, the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, is “just the beginning.” Wolf added that mandatory passport technology has been introduced in Israel and dissidents and political activists there say that in a few months the monitoring and surveillance of the public have reached an all-time high.

Sound like Communist China’s ID card? Yes, it will be exactly like the Chinese system that enables Beijing to locate any dissenter in five minutes. The politburo now controls the smaller groups, like the Falun Gong and the Uyghurs, in “reeducation” camps or in hospital jails as donors for forced organ transplants. Once established, such a vaccine passport system will be eternal. Anyone who conspires against it will be quickly identified, along with all their friends, and dealt with.

In order to stop this deadly assault on our constitutional liberties, we must dramatically raise public awareness of the danger and by doing so we will also raise the awareness of state governors and legislators.

First, writers and opinion influencers who can get themselves published in appropriate outlets, including social media, should read an article like this one published by the Children’s Health Defense Fund. Hopefully, they will then not only write about the danger but also alert and encourage other writers to join the fight.

This flood of fats will ultimately make its way into the mainstream media because it is not a politically polarized issue. Even the ACLU is against the vaccine passport

Second, these writers and influencers should think of ways to help their state legislators and governors to resist the menace of vaccine passports and follow the lead of Governor DeSantis. The movement is already underway with regard to wearing ineffective masks. There are 18 states that have either never mandated masks or have revoked their mandates. In the first week of April, these states have affirmed that they would never re-impose mask mandates: Kansas, Wyoming, Mississippi, Texas, Alaska, and Montana. The next step for those 18 states is to confront the oligarchs and Big Business interests by banning vaccine passports. 

If you read this article and approve its message, please send it to friends and your state representatives. Those who want to control every aspect of our lives are already at work forging our chains.