The Pivotal Question In Covid Lockdowns: Is Asymptomatic Spread Reality Or Myth?


Unless you have been hiding in a cave somewhere for the past year you will be aware that America’s experts and its most power-hungry governors are obsessed with the idea that all Americans must wear masks when out in public. You will also understand the supposed rationale for this. COVID can be spread not only by those who have symptoms, who could otherwise be readily identified and quarantined but also by those who have no symptoms. This is the most insidious thing about the disease perhaps. There is no way to tell who has it and who is contagious. You must protect yourself at all times. This was the narrative behind all of the lockdowns…

Is that true?

Certainly, the thought police think so. Anyone who has dared to suggest otherwise since the onset of the pandemic has been branded a conspiracy theorist and condemned for heresy. In fact, at various points, we have been told that over half of all COVID cases are the result of asymptomatic transmission.

How do we know?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, self-appointed Pandemic Czar, recently announced that scientists were currently trying to answer some very important questions about COVID. Can they become infected without showing any symptoms, and if so, can they transmit the coronavirus to someone else? Per Fauci, “This is a question of extreme importance,” he said. “This will help inform science-based decisions about mask use and about social distancing post-vaccination.”

I’m sorry. What? We have been walking around wearing masks for a year because of the danger posed by asymptomatic transmission, and now Fauci hopes to know whether or not that is even a thing by August?

Yes, you guessed it. We have been lied to again. The fact is at best no one really knows what threat asymptomatic spread poses if any. More to the point, if COVID-19 spreads asymptomatically then that would be a considerable surprise because no such transmission has been seen in any previous RNA respiratory-virus pandemic.

Here are some things we do know.

In May and June of last year, the Chinese government conducted an extensive study of the residents of Wuhan where the pandemic first appeared. In the course of this study, they conducted medical screening of ten million people. This included a city-wide SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening program and also contact tracing. There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases.

Ten million people at the epicenter of the pandemic were studied by a Communist regime with the power and authority to test them all and scrutinize their lives as closely as possible, and not a single case of asymptomatic transmission was identified.

Somehow that fact, that a study of ten million people found no evidence of asymptomatic transmission got lost in the shuffle, but increasingly physicians and scientists around the world are beginning to point out the obvious. We have no actual reliable evidence the disease spreads asymptomatically.

Even the WHO is grudgingly beginning to admit the obvious. Per that organization, contact tracing in multiple countries does not actually support the proposition that the disease can be spread by individuals who are asymptomatic. The number of asymptomatic patients is at a minimum far fewer than previously thought.

As with many other aspects of the pandemic, the “established science” we were ordered to respect turns out to be anything but established. Someone reached a conclusion. We were directed that any argument with that conclusion would not be tolerated, and, now a year later, reluctantly, it is beginning to be acknowledged that maybe, just maybe, the “established science” experts were wrong.

“Earlier estimates that 80% of infections are asymptomatic were too high and have since been revised down to between 17% and 20% of people with infections….

It’s also unclear to what extent people with no symptoms transmit SARS-CoV-2….

A city-wide prevalence study of almost 10 million people in Wuhan found no evidence of asymptomatic transmission.”

British Medical Journal, December 2020

The single most dangerous element of this pandemic is not the disease itself. It is the extent to which Americans and their elected officials have simply conceded their liberties to unelected bureaucrats and so-called experts. A little over a year ago no more than a handful of Americans had ever heard of Dr. Fauci, yet within months of the pandemic reaching our shores, he was on television every night issuing edicts, opining and taking control of every element of our lives.

Businesses were destroyed. Lives were ruined. Churches were shuttered. Families were torn apart. Grandparents died alone in nursing homes afraid of coming face to face with loved ones who could be silently, secretly harboring an undetectable plague that would not produce symptoms but could be transmitted anyway with deadly consequences.

On the basis of what evidence? For a year, we have trembled in fear of the threat of asymptomatic spread, and now even Fauci admits it may well be more myth than reality.