Insurrection – Not Protest


The Derek Chauvin case has gone to the jury. The news media is warning us that depending on the result, we may see widespread protests in many U.S. cities and that some of these protests may escalate into riots.

This is fundamentally untrue.

What we are about to see is an insurrection.

Lest you think that is hyperbole, here are some recent excerpts from Anarchist and Marxist publications in this country.

“We must seize the time. We cannot wait. We encourage readers of this text to begin organizing along the lines of the trajectory we charted out at whatever capacity you have. Small steps of a few individuals are essential for any mass revolutionary movement to catalyze. We wrote this text to be used in struggle. It is meant to be shared on a street corner, through the bars of a prison, or with comrades in another city who are struggling to find their role in movement. We build with care, urgency, and the dedication to build liberated worlds out of the ashes of this one.

Finally, it has become clear that a new Civil war among white society is on the horizon. We suggest revolutionary abolitionists seize the moment during this crisis internal to the Amerikan plantation as the enslaved Black masses did in the General Strike, during the first Civil war, to destroy chattel slavery. Settler society must be obliterated by the revolutionary abolitionist current by any means necessary. GLOBAL BLACK INSURRECTION. KNIFE TO THE THROAT OF AMERIKAN FASCISM.”

It’s Going Down, an anarchist publication

“The verdict on the George Floyd murder case is in—along with the cases of Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, and Daunte Wright. These were not accidents, but the inevitable result of the white supremacist violence at the core of the governing institutions of this society. We have to abolish these institutions and the order they maintain. Everyone who stands in the way of this is accessory to murder.”

Crimethinc, an anarchist publication

This insurrection has been ongoing in this country for most of the last year, fomented by organizations, which include Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa (definitely not just an idea), the Communist Party of the United States, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization and Liberation Road. Aided and abetted by fools within the Democratic Party and the legacy media that think they can control and limit the ambitions of these revolutionaries it has grown in power. Well-funded by any number of foundations and “progressive” entities it has evolved and adapted.

Communications channels online are full of instructional information and guidance on subjects from how to handle yourself when arrested to how to identify and root out government sources inside your network.

Police tactics are exposed.

Police and National Guard movements are tracked.

Police radio frequencies are monitored.

Government surveillance aircraft are tracked and their call signs and radio frequencies broadcast to revolutionaries in the street.

Perhaps most ominously, there is beginning to be significant attention paid to the idea of convincing National Guard troops to mutiny and come over to the side of the revolutionaries. A printable circular widely available online is made to be handed out to National Guard soldiers and encourages them to refuse to obey what is characterized as “illegal orders.”

A YouTube video circulating in anarchist channels shows an individual purporting to be a Marine NCO explaining why members of the U.S. military should not only refuse orders to act against fellow American citizens but should switch sides and join the revolution.

What the people behind this revolutionary movement sense is that things are reaching critical mass. They do not regard Joe Biden as any better than Donald Trump. Their goal is not police reform, whatever that is. It is the complete destruction of the existing social, political, and economic order. Along the way, they will be happy to use the energy of many good-intentioned individuals who turn out in the street without any clear idea of what they are really fighting for, but in the end, the goal remains fixed. This is about ending the republic and replacing it with some sort of Anarcho-Marxist state.

In the most recent issue of “It’s Going Down” there is, in fact, a lengthy discussion of how the time has come to begin to physically establish in the Midwest the first foundations of this new entity. The article in question discusses at length the need for the creation of what it calls “distros” all across the region. These “distros,” which sound an awful lot like what were called “soviets” in Russia in the early years of the revolution, are vehicles by which local citizens will begin to take on the functions of the government and replace it.

This is not a description of a revolutionary movement in some Latin American country. This is a proposal for action right now, right here.

“The pursuit of freedom of the oppressed by their own hands utilizing any means necessary is critical to the revolutionary abolitionist trajectory in the present day. Abolition means nothing if it is not an absolute freedom struggle, a movement for total liberation. An insurgent defiance against every interlocking system of oppression. We are uninterested in settler-colonial Amerikan notions of “freedom” that leave the State and white supremacy intact. We are interested in a freedom that means the destruction of the United States in its entirety.”

It’s Going Down

In a sane world, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would be busy taking apart the networks that are getting ready to set our nation ablaze. We do not live in such a reality. We live in one where the FBI believes it more important to track down “terrorists” who took selfies in the Capitol on January 6th and charge them with trespass than to head off an insurrection. We live in one in which a mad Congresswoman can stand outside a police station in the midst of a violent mob and demand that they become more confrontational.

The self-appointed guardians of “wokeness” may want us all to tremble in fear each night at the thought of the coming attack of the “white supremacists.” Reality is about to intrude. The real insurrection is about to begin.