Secure Freedom Radio: PA Election Fraud – PA GOP Ignores It’s Own Election Integrity Committee Results


AND Magazine Sr. Editor Sam Faddis appeared on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney this morning to discuss election integrity issues, amongst other issues. One of the focuses was on Pennsylvania’s GOP ignoring the results of the election integrity committee it stood up and refusing to allow it to present its results before the Pennsylvania legislature. You cannot make this up – the very GOP that asked that a committee be stood up and investigate allegations of election fraud and election integrity issues – refused to allow any members of that committee to present their findings to either the house or senate of the Pennsylvania Legislature.

The results of their endeavors found that over 202,000 votes were not able to be linked to a registered voter. Despite this being the law in Pennsylvania that votes must be linked to a registered voter, the Pennsylvania Secretary of State “certified” the results of the Pennsylvania election.

The election integrity committee also recommended that Pennsylvania Act 77 – which allowed unfettered mail-in voting be repealed. Pennsylvania’s GOP leadership has stated privately that it will not move to repeal this legislation. Some GOP legislators have “promised” that they will attempt to make “tweaks” to the law. Only two GOP state representatives voted against Act 77.

Also discussed was the status of the Arizona recount. And, Dr. Anthony Fauci.