A Painful Evening Listening To Joe Biden


Joe Biden spent a nauseating 64 minutes reading a love letter to leftist radicals from his big-type teleprompter on Wednesday night.  Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris did their best jack-in-the-box imitations behind him, jumping up to applaud ‘hot air’ approximately once per minute.  Chuck Schumer was asleep in the front row.  After all that exercise, Nancy didn’t have the energy left to rip up the speech at its conclusion which would have been a truly fitting gesture.

Most of the viewers were, understandably, Democrats.  A CNN poll out this morning showed only 51% gave the speech a positive reaction, lower than Trump’s first speechWhen you can’t sell your toddies, there is a problem.

I will not waste time on Biden’s most obvious lies – they being his desire to “unite Americans,” his comments about January 6, his comments about magazines that hold “100 rounds and can be emptied in seconds” and about “white supremacist nationalists” being the most dangerous terrorist organizations in America today.

Biden spoke directly to the radical left.  His proposals were devoid of any attachment to reality.  They were the usual Democrat “Big Promise – Big Spend” ideas on how to bloat government and pay off friends.  Everything he talked about – at its core – was about expanding government control over the lives of American citizens.  His plans focused on dumping trillions of dollars into delusional projects related to the Green New Deal.  Along the way, hundreds of billions of those dollars end up in the pockets of his nefarious Democrat cronies.  His corruption of the past just received an injection of steroids.

According to Joe, in less than 100 days, his keen mind and amazing vision has created everything good in this nation.  Nothing good is the result of the hard work of the previous administration.  He, and he alone, created the Coronavirus vaccine, he created the plan to get people inoculated.  His vision is putting people to work.  All this while working 10:00 to 2:00.

Around us, we see his administration ‘ratcheting up’ regulation on the energy industry, instituting bans on fracking, attacking the First and Second Amendments, and pretty much opening the southern border.  We see illegal aliens being farmed out to cities around the U.S., including Erie, PA.  We see the House passing a voting bill that would, if enacted, federalize voting and assure there would never again be an honest election.  We see Joe and his administration trying to pack the Supreme Court with radical liberal activist judges.  We see increasing censorship in Big Tech.  We see the use of federal agencies such as the DOJ and Treasury again becoming mechanisms to stifle anyone who disagrees with the Biden administration.  We see Biden continuing to cozy up to China and to ignore both their humanitarian offenses and their economic marauding.  Joe’s economic policies, in only 100 days, have already pushed the economy to the brink of inflation.  Biden’s leftist lunatics in education are foisting radical educational indoctrination programs on our children.  Most recently, Biden has declared that math is racist.  

Somehow, all of the above escaped mention in Joe Biden’s 64 minute trip through Marxist fantasy land last night.

The news media this morning, not surprisingly, didn’t mention any of it.  There was not one derogatory shot at Biden whereas there would have been entire articles filled with cheap shots at President Trump.  The media did everything but propose him for sainthood.  Not one writer that I could find critically examined any of his proposals as to what its real impact would likely be or its real cost.  There were only a couple of minor mentions of potential inflation.  No one mentioned how Biden could square 10 million illegal aliens in the job market with raising the minimum wage.  There are so many unasked questions and no one in the media with enough intellectual curiosity or honesty to ask them.  They are all too busy fawning over a seriously flawed temporary President.