Frankenstein’s Monster – Antifa Threatens Assassination


Anyone who has ever read “Frankenstein’s Monster” will be familiar with the concept of someone creating a creature, which ultimately cannot be controlled. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler lives this reality every day now, as he desperately attempts to get Antifa back in the box and regain control of his city. Last year Wheeler joined Antifa in the streets to show his solidarity with them. Now, as they call him out and threaten him personally with violence he is frantically shopping for a spine and imploring the same police officers he has maligned for years to stand up to the Marxist threat he helped create.

What Wheeler has apparently yet to realize is that Antifa has no intention whatsoever of backing down. In fact, they are just getting started.

Portland Antifa Video

Antifa’s recent threat to Wheeler was downplayed by those few media outlets that bothered to cover it as some sort of ‘veiled threat.’ There was nothing veiled about it. In the video (above), which has circulated widely online the masked narrator says “Blood is already on your hands, Ted. The next time it may just be your own.” This is a domestic terrorist group telling the mayor, no matter how feckless, of a major American city that if he does not comply with their demands he will be assassinated.

Nothing about that should be surprising to anyone who has paid attention to Antifa’s actions or listened to anything the group has ever said. No one speaking for the movement has ever talked in terms of police reform, modest changes to policing practices, or modifications to existing policy. Everything Antifa does and says is predicated on one premise. The entire existing political, social and economic structure has to go. This has nothing to do with reform. It is about revolution.

Recent press reporting from only a few days ago detailed how a concerned private citizen had successfully infiltrated an Antifa “affinity group” in Sonoma County, California. The individual in question recorded members of the group, including its leader, discussing killing police officers and laughing about the prospect.

“Crimethinc” is a prominent Anarcho-Marxist publication that advocates for a Communist revolution inside the United States. It circulates widely in Antifa circles. Recently, Crimethinc ran a lengthy piece celebrating the ongoing hunger strike of Dimitris Koufontinas and decrying the conditions under which he was being held in prison in Greece.

Koufontinas was one of the leaders of a Greek terrorist group called “17 November,” a reference to the date in 1973 on which the Greek military junta put down a student revolt in Athens. During its 27 year history “17 November” killed a long list of individuals, including the CIA’s Chief of Station in Athens and several other American officials.

In the Crimethinc article, Koufontinas is glorified and held up as a hero of the resistance.

“It is true that Koufontinas is responsible for the deaths of multiple people, including industrialists, domestic and foreign military personnel, fascists, and police. But these deaths took place in the midst of a pitched struggle in which many people were killed on both sides, in which the state employed the vast majority of violent force.”

“Koufontinas is 63 years old. There is little hope that he will survive even if the government grants his demand, as he already suffers from long-term effects from previous hunger strikes throughout his imprisonment. He can expect no mercy from this system — and indeed, this extends to all of us. Solidarity is our only hope in such situations. This is why, regardless of how his hunger strike ends, his will to fight against the odds must live on in our own struggles.”


These are exactly the kinds of terms in which Antifa has glorified the actions of Willem Van Spronson. Van Spronson is an Antifa member who launched an attack on an ICE facility in Tacoma, attempted to firebomb it, and was shot dead by the authorities. Before his death, Van Spronson penned a manifesto urging others to follow his example. This manifesto is regularly read aloud at Antifa events.

It is also exactly the kind of terms in which Antifa has spoken of Michael Reinoehl, an Antifa member who assassinated Aaron Danielson on the streets of Portland. Reinoehl was killed by law enforcement when he pulled a gun on them as they were attempting to arrest him. Antifa groups around the country have not only glorified Reinoehl but have called for retaliation for his killing.

All over this country, Democratic politicians found it politically expedient to tolerate and even encourage Antifa and its allies. Violence in the street added to the feeling of unease and helped paint Donald Trump as having somehow divided the nation and created disorder. Presumably, the political hacks that chose that course of action acted under the assumption that Antifa was as devoid of principle as they are. They assumed when the election was over, Antifa would fade away.

They were wrong. The people marching in the streets in all black screaming for the burning of police precincts may be many things. Misguided. Confused. Out of touch with reality. They are not, however, mouthing platitudes for purely political purposes.

Those Black Bloc Antifa cohorts believe everything they are saying. They mean to have a revolution, and that revolution, like all that have preceded it, will inevitably become increasingly violent and bloody. Assassinations will begin to occur with frequency. Bombings will follow. For those convinced of the justice of their cause, bloodshed is a necessary part of making the new world.

None of this is inevitable, of course. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which crushed the KKK and the Mafia, ought to be able to make short work of the soy boys of Antifa who until recently were studying medieval art history at Williamette or playing video games in their parents’ basements. The Bureau, alas, is fully occupied tracking down people who are to be charged with trespass on the grounds of the Capitol on January 6th and harassing the political allies of President Trump.

So, as the threat grows, and we get closer and closer to real bloodshed on our streets effectively nothing of consequence is being done. Frankenstein’s monster grows in power by the day, and we simply watch and wait. Sooner or later we will have to reckon with it, but before that day comes apparently we must allow it to destroy a great deal more.