The PA GOP Establishment Has Surrendered


In Pennsylvania, as in every state in the Union, a person must be registered to vote in order to participate in an election. It follows, logically, therefore, that only a vote attributed to a registered voter can be counted.
Yet, in the state of Pennsylvania – 202,391 votes were counted in the November election, which have never been connected to a registered voter. According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 6,962,621 ballots were cast – that is counted – but only 6,760,230 people had voted.

Where did these votes come from?

No one has ever bothered to answer that question. In the certification process that follows the election, the Director of Elections in each county is required by law to attest to the fact that every vote counted corresponds to a verified registered voter. The Secretary of the Commonwealth is then required to certify the results from each county. Nowhere in this process did anyone ever make any effort to address or resolve the obvious concern that almost a quarter of a million votes seem to have appeared out of nowhere.

Months ago a committee appointed by the Pennsylvania GOP identified this serious unresolved issue. It also laid out in excruciating detail the nightmare created by the move to “no-excuse” mail voting in Pennsylvania. The committee recommended a series of corrective actions, including:

– Immediately repealing Act 77, the disastrous bill passed in 2020 that opened the door to mail-in voting.
– A return to one-day voting.
– Requiring some form of voter ID for all voters.

In discussing the committee’s report in this publication, its chairman Dave Ball had this to say in part,

“Be very clear that the solution to the large majority of the problems with our voting system is the repeal of Act 77 – ‘No-Fault’ Mail-in Ballots. Other nations have tried mail-in voting and rather quickly dropped the idea. Forty-seven percent of the Organization for Economic Development (OECD) nations ban mail-in voting. Of the 27 countries in the European Union (EU), 63 percent ban mail-in voting. Of the remaining 16 countries in Europe, all ban mail-in voting. There is obviously no real enthusiasm for mail-in voting anywhere for one simple reason – it does not work. They have all learned the hard way what Pennsylvania learned this past election. Mail-in ballots lead to fraud. It is a large body of experience from which we would be wise to learn. In fact, it would be immoral not to.”

One might reasonably have expected the Pennsylvania GOP – which still controls the legislature in the state – to spring into action. One would have been wrong. The GOP election committee asked to testify before both houses in Harrisburg to present their findings. Their presence apparently was not required. The report was filed away and the establishment in Harrisburg went back to business as usual.

Now Representative Seth Grove (R), who has been heading up what has passed for committee hearings in Harrisburg on the elections has released a 98-page report Monday reviewing those hearings and laying out the way ahead in “election reform” in Pennsylvania. The recommendations contained in this report are lengthy, long-winded, and of no real consequence to anyone.

Act 77 will not be repealed. We will continue to have “no excuse” mail-in voting.

  • We will not return to a system grounded on in-person voting.
  • We will not return to one-day voting.

In short, future elections will look essentially just like the last one with some very marginal changes around the margins.

Just for good measure, in discussing the results of his “investigation” of the 2020 elections, Representative Grove has made clear his opinion that any election fraud that occurred was committed by Republican voters. The Democratic Party has been absolved of any blame.

The truth is this.

In 2020 the Pennsylvania GOP decided that Donald Trump would be a liability. Pennsylvania still had straight party ticket voting, in which it was possible to vote for all Republicans or all Democrats as a block. The GOP in Harrisburg wanted desperately to get rid of this system and allow GOP voters who did not want to support Trump to more readily vote against him and still support down-ballot Republican candidates.

The Pennsylvania GOP made a deal with the devil. In return for Democratic support for ending straight-ticket voting, the Republicans in Harrisburg signed on, with shockingly little discussion or thought, to a complete overhaul of our election system and a disastrous move to mail-in voting. They opened the flood gates to fraud.

And now they don’t have the courage to admit what they did and act to fix it. Almost incredibly, they intend to continue to use a system that has been demonstrated to have produced fraudulent and illegitimate electoral results.

On the ground all over Pennsylvania, the GOP “base” is still seething with anger. They are white hot over the results of the 2020 election, the impotence of the Republicans in Harrisburg in the face of Governor Wolf’s unconstitutional lockdown, and the rising level of crime and instability in the nation. None of that anger has made any impact in Harrisburg. None of that matters to the members of the “club.”

For them, it is business as usual. They would be just as happy to roll back the odometer to pre-2016 politics, forget there is a MAGA movement and focus on playing the “game.”

Writing of the decision to pass Act 77, Dave Ball, chairman of the committee appointed to investigate what happened, had this to say.

“There was no earthly reason that should have compelled our legislature to have passed this Act. Nothing was to be gained, at least nothing upon which sunlight shone. Having seen the devastation it has caused; one would think that the same legislature would be clamoring to fix its error and mitigate the damage, but such is not the case. Instead, there seems to be placid denial among many lawmakers. They are obviously unaware of the incipient revolution among the rank and file. Party loyalists are angry.”

Ball could not have been more prescient or on point. The base is angry. That anger is burning white-hot. In Harrisburg, that anger means nothing. Our “representatives” continue to believe that we can be fed false promises and vague assurances and that we will be satisfied, sit quietly and allow them to continue to ignore us.

The legislature has spoken. Seth Grove has issued his report.

Now it is time for the people to speak in the only way that matters. The Pennsylvania GOP has surrendered. It is time to find men and women who will fight.