Ground Truth: PA Salon Owner Fighting For Survival Against Governor Wolf’s Never-Ending Mandates…


Sam Faddis talks with Aleah Christofferson, owner of Aleah’s Salon and Barber Shop in Sayre, Pennsylvania about her fourteen month fight with the State of Pennsylvania to keep her family business alive. Since March of 2020, Aleah and her husband, a U.S. combat veteran, have been the target of state efforts to destroy their salon and deprive their family of income. 

Aleah remains embroiled in a fight with Harrisburg to this day, threatened with $100,000 dollars in fines, loss of her business license and the revocation of both her and her husband’s licenses to cut hair. All of this based on the lunacy of state regulations supposedly directed at COVID-19, which include a directive that the shop windows must be cleaned inside and out every thirty minutes.

Not a single instance of contact tracing has ever shown any connection between Aleah’s business and COVID. The salon has never had an infraction of any state health and safety regulation.

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