Prescription For Disaster – The Big Push For An Experimental Shot


Turn on the television any time of the day or night now and you will be barraged with commercial advertising and government infomercials all telling you that you need to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  Wearing the mask may have been the best way for you to show how enlightened you were for the past year, but now we have an even better option.  You can get the “jab.”  Only a Neanderthal would refuse, right?

Not so fast.

For the better part of two decades, the American pharmaceutical industry pushed on our nation the idea that we were facing an “epidemic of pain.”  The solution?  A deluge of pain killers that devastated the country and came close to destroying entire communities.  We are only now just coming out on the other side of this disaster and coming to terms with its consequences.

In West Virginia, a trial is underway against one of America’s largest drug distributors, Amerisource Bergen, which is being charged with illegally flooding the market with painkillers.  Emails introduced in the case show executives with the company mocking the “hillbillies” who used their painkillers even as the company poured hundreds of millions more pills into one of the areas hardest hit by the opioid epidemic.  Drug distributors delivered 1.1 billion opioid painkillers to West Virginia between 2006 and 2014, even as the state’s overdose rate rose to the highest in the U.S.

One email in 2011 included a rhyme built around “a poor mountaineer” named Jed who “barely kept his habit fed.” According to the verse, “Jed” traveled to Florida to buy “Hillbilly Heroin”, the nickname for OxyContin, the drug manufactured by Purdue Pharma which kickstarted the epidemic that ultimately killed half a million Americans.

Another rhyme described Kentucky as “OxyContinville” because of the high use of the drug in the state.  When Kentucky introduced new regulations to curb opioid use, an Amerisource Bergen executive wrote in a widely circulated email: “One of the hillbilly’s [sic] must have learned how to read :-).”

A similar reckless disregard for the impact of their product on consumers has been evidenced by drug manufacturers elsewhere.  Back in 2019 Victor Borelli, a National Account Manager for Irish Pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt and Steve Cochrane, the VP of sales for Keysource Medical, a pharmaceutical wholesaler joked in an email about the over-prescription of the medication, with Borelli telling Cochrane to “order a little more” even if the company already had a sufficient amount.

Cochrane: “Keep ‘em comin’! Flyin’ out of there. It’s like people are addicted to these things or something. Oh, wait, people are. . .”

Borelli: “Just like the Doritos people keep eating. We’ll make more.”

Another opioid court trial is also underway in California where government lawyers are insisting that four drug manufacturers should be held liable for the state’s public health crisis.

“The evidence will show that each of these companies, all of them, knew what would happen, that their opioids would cause the crushing burden of opioid addictions and deaths,” said Fidelma Fitzpatrick in the plaintiff’s opening statement, according to a broadcast by Courtroom View Network. “We’re here to try to get these defendants to be part of the solution to this public health crisis.”

“This is about making money, and this is about aggressively promoting a drug in such a way that you can make more money,” she said. “The marketing messages were misleading at best, false at worst.”
In 2019 a judge in Oklahoma issued a $572 million bench verdict against Johnson & Johnson in a case brought by the state of Oklahoma (he later reduced the judgment, now on appeal, to $465 million). Another case in Ohio was settled before trial for $260 million.

And, yet, now, incredibly, even as we tally the broken lives caused by Big Pharma’s insistence that we simply “trust them” and take the pills, we are being told to do exactly the same thing all over again.  Shut up. Do what you are told.  Take the vaccine. All liability for these covid “vaccines” has been waived – the big pharma companies producing these vaccines have NO liability.

None of the vaccines in use have been approved by the FDA.  All of them are being offered pursuant to emergency use authorizations (EUA’s), which by definition means they are experimental.  The trials on their side effects are being completed right now – on you.

The only reason that emergency use of these vaccines was authorized was that it was declared that there was no available, existing medication for the treatment of COVID-19.  That is not and was never true.  In fact, hydroxychloroquine was shown to be very effective if used early in the onset of the illness or even prophylactically.

Hydroxychloroquine was discredited and ruled out for the treatment of COVID-19 in response to a campaign that smells a great deal like a deliberate effort to steer events in a direction that would inevitably lead to the issuance of emergency use authorizations and windfall profits for those Big Pharma companies that could bring a vaccine to market quickly.  In effect, it appears that a very safe, cheap, generic drug was discarded, and lives sacrificed to create the necessary conditions for the mass marketing of experimental, unproven drugs to an entire nation, and thereafter, the world.

What the results of this experiment will be remains as yet unknown.  The same people who told us we needed to pop pills endlessly to manage our pain assure us it will all be fine.  The data suggests otherwise.

Each year 165 million Americans get flu shots.  There were a total of 85 deaths following such immunizations in 2017, 199 in 2018, and 203 in 2019.  Between December 2020 and late April 2021, roughly 100 million Americans received COVID-19 shots. There were 3,544 deaths reported to the VAERS following these immunizations.  That’s about 30 people a day dying after getting the vaccine.

In just four months it appears COVID-19 shots have killed more people than all other vaccines combined between 1997 and the end of 2013.

As of April 23, 2021, the federal VAERS system had received 12,618 reports of serious adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines.  In total, 118,902 adverse event reports had been filed. Since VAERS is a self-reporting system, there is no way to tell how many adverse events have occurred and not been reported.  Presumably, the total number of such events is many times what the data currently shows.  In the European Union, the EudraVigilance system had as of April 17, 2021, received 330,218 injury reports after vaccination.

A recently published peer-reviewed study sounds alarm bells.

“Thus, due to both the problems of under-reporting and the lag in report processing, this analysis reveals a strong signal from the VAERS data that the risk of suffering a serious adverse effect (SAE) following injection is significant and that the overall risk signal is high.

“Analysis suggests that the vaccines are likely the cause of reported deaths, spontaneous abortions, and anaphylactic reactions in addition to cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological AEs.”

“Based on the precautionary principle, since there is currently no precedent for predictability with regards to long-term effects from mRNA injections, extreme care should be taken when making a decision to participate in this experiment.  mRNA platforms are new to humans with regard to mass injection programs in the context of viruses.  There is currently no way to predict potential detrimental outcomes with regard to SAE occurrences in the long term. Also, with regard to short-term analysis, this data is limited based on reporting that likely significantly underestimates actual events.”

Perhaps most stunning of all is that these thousands of deaths and serious reactions are receiving no attention whatsoever.  In 1976, the U.S. government vaccinated 45 million people against pandemic swine flu.  That campaign was canceled after just 53 people died.  Now, health authorities are simply shrugging off thousands of deaths, and governments are talking openly about an entire range of ways in which to mandate that you take COVID-19 vaccines.

The reason is not hard to understand.  Big Pharma has already raked in tens of billions of dollars in profits. Trillions more will be made in the years ahead.  Big chunks of those profits will find their way as campaign contributions into the coffers of Congressmen and Senators in Washington who long ago sold their souls for the Almighty Dollar.

The boom years of the opioid crisis may be behind us now, and Big Pharma’s legions of lawyers may still be cutting checks to clean up the mess, but there are bigger fish to fry.  There’s an entire planet out there waiting to take new drugs.  

For you and me this may be a prescription for disaster.  

For the pharmaceutical industry, it is just what the doctor ordered.