Police Officer Deaths Up 40% First Six Months Of 2021


According to reporting from the Washington Examiner and the Officer Down Memorial Page, police officers “intentionally rammed by vehicles, killed by gunfire, or stabbed to death has increased over 40% throughout the first six months of 2021” compared to last year. And, crime is soaring in the U.S.

In addition to the rise in killed police officers, alarming crime surges have been noted throughout the country over the past few months. In New York City, authorities for the month of May reported a 73% increase in shooting incidents, a 47% uptick in robbery, and a 21% jump in felony assault when paired with data from the same time frame in 2020.

In Atlanta, murder is up 58%, rape has risen 98%, aggravated assault has seen a 28% jump, thefts from vehicles surged 27%, and the rate of grand theft auto is up 36% so far in 2021, compared to police statistics from 2020. Similar trends have been noted by police in Baltimore, where nonfatal shootings have risen 16%, gun-related homicides are up 9%, and attempted rape rose 44% so far in 2021, in contrast to 2020.

Washington Examiner