Flash Point – They’re Coming For Your Guns


Any sane, political advisor would tell Joe Biden to stand pat, keep his head down, steer to the center, and hope he can survive his four years.  This administration has no mandate for change.  None of its core policies, from open borders to defunding the police, to waging war on white people enjoys anything close to majority support.

But apparently, there are no sane, political advisors in this administration – only ideologues.   Devoid of any contact with real Americans, convinced of their own moral superiority and infused with Marxist ideology, they intend to transform America and destroy the republic as we know whether the people like it or not.

A collision is inevitable, not in the sense of a political one, that is already underway, but in the sense of the kind of confrontation that has the potential to become violent and to set off shockwaves that reverberate nationwide and themselves touch off follow-on events.  One need only watch the recent video of parents being mobbed and handcuffed by sheriff’s deputies for daring to speak at a school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia to understand how close we are to such a moment.  The American people can only be pushed so far.

Nowhere is the danger of such a catastrophic event greater, however, than in the arena of the Second Amendment. However much the self-appointed elite may wish to transform this right into permission to own a gun for the purposes of hunting, sport shooting, and the like, the Second Amendment was clearly and unambiguously drafted to ensure that the citizenry would remain armed so that they could defend all the other freedoms enshrined in the Constitution. Biden may babble on about F-15’s and nuclear weapons all he wants, but the fact is that the Second Amendment is intended, without question, to be a guarantee against government tyranny.

Americans understand that. They also understand Biden and his like do not agree and that the threat of confiscation of their firearms is very real. This is not the plot of some dystopian novel. This is happening now.

Having abandoned hope that the federal government will take any meaningful action to protect Second Amendment rights, all across the country local jurisdictions are taking matters into their own hands. There are now 1930 counties in the United States that have declared themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuaries. That works out to 61.39% of all the counties in the United States, and the number is increasing almost daily.

This county-level movement is on top of the growing trend for entire states to declare themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries. At least fifteen such states have done so already, and Wisconsin is contemplating such a move right now.

Many of the jurisdictions in question have passed resolutions rather than actual laws, and the wording of the documents in question varies significantly, but all the actions by counties and states have this in common. They are intended to symbolize that state and local authorities will not cooperate with any unconstitutional effort to confiscate legal firearms or disarm the citizenry. When and if the day comes that Joe Biden and his minions attempt to enforce a ban on “assault weapons,” confiscate such firearms, and prosecute their owners, these “sanctuary” jurisdictions will not cooperate.

Left unaddressed is to what extent they may go beyond that and actively move to prevent what they view as unconstitutional federal actions.

In the face of this groundswell of public opposition to federal attacks on the Second Amendment, the Biden administration is not backing down one bit. To the contrary, it is doubling down and signaling its intent to stage a direct assault on the right of Americans to own firearms.

In response to Missouri’s recent decision to declare itself a Second Amendment sanctuary, the U.S. Department of Justice fired off a warning shot in the form of a letter advising the state that federal law was paramount and that the state would be required to follow along it whether it liked it or not. The letter also reminded Missouri of the federal aid that it received in various forms suggesting that all such assistance would be on the chopping block if the state did not get in line and do as it was told.

The real fight is looming, however, over the Biden administration’s stated intent to ban “assault weapons” a technically meaningless term invented for political purposes and meant primarily to apply to AR-15 variants and similar type weapons. Despite the overwhelming evidence that such weapons contribute essentially nothing to the tide of violent crime in this country, Biden and his comrades are making a concerted effort to ban and potentially confiscate all such weapons in the United States.

Bill Clinton took tentative steps down this road in the 1990s, but for Biden and his team, Clinton did not go nearly far enough. Legislation is now pending before Congress that would prohibit the sale, manufacture, transfer, and importation of 205 “military-style assault weapons” by name and ban magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

So-called “gun safety” groups that support the pending legislation think even this is not sufficient.

“I think the big problem we saw with the previous iteration of the assault weapons ban was that it didn’t address weapons that were already out in circulation in a strong enough manner,” said Adzi Vokhiwa, federal affairs director at Giffords, a gun safety and advocacy organization.

“And that’s why we think any potential ban on assault weapons that addresses future production of those weapons also needs to address the weapons, which by some estimates are in the tens of millions, that are already out in civilian hands.”

In other words, we can’t just ban new sales, we need to round up all those weapons that are already out there. We need to disarm America.

Biden’s nominee to be head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agrees fully. “With respect to the AR-15, I support a ban as has been presented in a Senate bill and supported by the president,” Chipman said in testifying recently at his confirmation hearing before the United States Senate.

Lest you think that Biden and company will feel constrained to work through the legislative process regarding the Second Amendment, however, be mindful of Presidential spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s unambiguous comments made only days ago. Asked directly by a reporter if the American people should expect Biden to issue executive orders on gun control, Psaki answered “yes” and described such actions as one of the “levers” the President would employ.

A prudent administration would read the tea leaves, sense which way the wind is blowing, and back off. Prudence and militant revolutionary ideology do not go together, however. The ideologues in power in Washington are on a mission and they intend to employ the full force of the federal government against their enemies.

Step one. Disarm them. The federal orders are coming, with or without the backing of Congress or the American people. Every day we are approaching the point of having the federal government moving to gut the Second Amendment.

And every day we are coming closer to the moment when armed Americans, backed into a corner, refuse to comply.