The Flames Of Revolution


Revolutions need air and fuel in the same way fires do.  They need to feed.  They need to gather strength. 

The Marxist revolution sweeping this nation has plenty of air and fuel.  It is fed constantly by super-heated rhetoric about white supremacy, systemic racism, and the inherent evil at the heart of the American dream.  At the same time, the revolution is protected and nurtured.  Federal and state law enforcement agencies do not hunt down and dismantle the networks spreading the real violence in America’s cities and streets.  Instead, they spend their time chasing the bogeymen of “white supremacist groups” and harassing the political opponents of the Biden administration.

The result has been predictable.  The revolution is gathering strength.  It is spreading.  It is pushing hard against any boundaries that still exist between rioting and vandalism and outright armed insurrection.

On July 3, 2021, a group of heavily armed black men identifying themselves as members of a group called Rise of the Moors was found standing on the side of Interstate 95 in Massachusetts by a state trooper.  The group was reportedly in the process of attempting to refuel the two vehicles in which they were driving.  The men were dressed in camo and refused to comply with the state trooper’s commands.  They claimed to be on the way to Maine to conduct “training.”

A standoff ensued.  The interstate was closed and shelter in place orders issued for nearby residents.

Ultimately, the group surrendered to law enforcement and the incident was resolved.  The question remains. Who were these individuals and what was their purpose?

The corporate media, of course, showed no interest in these questions.  Most stories simply described the group as part of the sovereign citizens movement, likely leaving the vague impression that these individuals were somehow connected to “white supremacists” and the individuals that “stormed the Capitol” and the entire domestic extremist problem Biden and company try so hard to push.

The truth as you might suspect is wildly different.

The Rise of the Moors is a black separatist organization.  Its ideology is based on a long, tangled, factually indefensible history of the United States.  The premise at the heart of this ideology is that for some reason black Americans, in this case described as Moors, are not subject to the laws of the United States.

“The Moorish sovereign citizen movement is a collection of independent organizations and lone individuals that emerged in the early 1990s as an offshoot of the antigovernment sovereign citizens movement, which believes that individual citizens hold sovereignty over, and are independent of, the authority of federal and state governments,” the SPLC says of the movement.  “Moorish sovereigns espouse an interpretation of sovereign doctrine that African Americans constitute an elite class within American society with special rights and privileges that convey on them a sovereign immunity placing them beyond federal and state authority.

The Rise of the Moors is based in Rhode Island.  The group has a long history of violent confrontations with the police.

The leader of the Rise of the Moors is Jamhal Latimer, also known as Talib Abdulla Bey.  Latimer was among the eleven men arrested in Massachusetts.  He holds the title Grand Sheikh within the group.  He is also head of what is known as the organization’s Moorish American Consular Post.  He previously served in the United States Marine Corps, according to his biography on the group’s website.

The Rise of the Moors is one of several such “Moorish” groups.  All these groups are offshoots of the black separatist movement and have similar aims.  Members of the Rise of the Moors consider that the laws of the United States do not apply to them.  They also believe they are the original aboriginal inhabitants of the United States and that they are being oppressed by an illegal and illegitimate government.  It is their express goal to break free of this tyrannical government.  In the same way that white supremacists typically consider themselves morally, physically, and spiritually superior to minorities, members of the Rise of the Moors consider themselves part of an elite class  – superior to whites.

In September 2015 Olajuwon Ali Davis was sentenced to seven years in prison for plotting to attack the police chief of Ferguson, Missouri, the county prosecutor, a police station, a police vehicle, and the Gateway Arch. The plot was hatched in response to the killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer.  Davis was the leader of the St. Louis New Black Panther Party (NBPP) and also a Moorish National.  Davis posted a YouTube video in which he identified himself as a “Moorish-American.”

In 2016 Gavin Eugene Long shot and killed three police officers from Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge.  It was subsequently established that Long was a member of the “Washitaw Nation” – one of many groups under the umbrella of the “Moorish movement,” or “Moorish sovereign movement.”

In 2017, Markeith D. Lloyd, a self-proclaimed Moorish sovereign, shot an Orlando police officer and ran over a county sheriff’s deputy.  At the time he was being sought for the killing of his pregnant girlfriend.  Lloyd was convicted of first-degree murder in October 2019.

In 2018, Tierre Guthrie shot three police officers when they attempted to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. One of the police officers was killed.  Guthrie was a former Marine.  Guthrie was shot four times and died at the scene.

Guthrie was sympathetic to the black nationalist cause.  A review of Guthrie’s social media postings showed that he became a Moorish sovereign citizen around February 2016.  Guthrie had several police encounters at his residence and told neighbors he did not recognize the authority of law enforcement.

This is the reality of the Moorish movement.  It is every bit as racist and inherently violent as any white supremacist group.  It is gathering strength.  It is becoming more assertive and more open about its intentions.
In a normal scenario one would assume that federal law enforcement would act aggressively to dismantle this movement  – just as one would hope they would move against the Aryan Nations and other equally repugnant groups.  Such is not the case.

Instead, the media and the radical leftists in power in Washington will continue to feed the narrative that the only danger comes from white supremacist groups while simultaneously reminding us daily that we live in an evil, inherently racist nation controlled by an illegitimate government.

The result will be predictable and terrifying.  Groups like the Rise of the Moors will gain strength and grow ever bolder.  Violence will follow.  We will wake one day to realize the revolution is here and the flames are all around us.  We will all pay the price.