The Real Chinese Virus – Totalitarianism


By this point, most free-thinking Americans are aware not only that COVID-19 originated in China but that it almost certainly came out of a Chinese lab.  They have accepted that the coronavirus is – as Donald Trump was fond of saying – the “Chinese virus.”

Still, they have not grasped the enormity of the threat we now face.  The coronavirus may threaten our health, but something else, something much more sinister threatens our entire way of life.


For many years in advance of the COVID-19 crisis, planners in the United States strategized as to how to respond when a true influenza pandemic struck.  Extensive plans were made.  None of them ever contemplated the use of lockdowns.  On the contrary, all planning revolved around the fundamentally different principle of quarantines.  A lockdown – insanely enough – involves restricting the movements and activities of healthy individuals.  Quarantines involve restricting and isolating the sick.

Nonetheless, when the pandemic struck American health officials fell into lockstep behind the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), emulating the actions and attitudes of Communist officials in China and urging us to act more like the Chinese.  Simultaneously, they gobbled up the lies the Chinese Communist Party fed us about the origins of the virus, helped cover the CCP’s tracks and censured Americans who dared contradict Xi Jinping’s party line.

Now the same powers that be that told Americans we needed to be more like China, have trotted a new totalitarian technique and intend to impose it on an unwitting population in the name of public health and safety.  This is the vaccine passport or as it is known in China the social credit system.

The Chinese social credit system is a comprehensive nationwide system. It tracks your movements, your purchases, your emails, your phone calls, literally every aspect of your daily existence. It then grades you according to your behavior and, if necessary, limits your permissible activities or outright punishes you based on how well you have conformed to the Communist Party’s norms.

Imagine calling a friend and receiving instead a ring tone message warning you to be careful in dealing with this individual, because of his deviations from prescribed acceptable behavior.

Consider a reality in which you cannot purchase a plane or train ticket because your social credit score is too low.

Contemplate a world in which certain jobs are off-limits because you are not behaving properly.

Play the wrong video game and your social credit score falls. Visit the wrong websites and you may find yourself in a reeducation camp. You may even find that you are now listed on what amounts to “Deadbeat Map” via an app on WeChat, which shows a radar-style graphic identifying every non-conformist in the vicinity of the user. That app not only shows your location but also reveals your personal information, including your full name and the reason you have been labeled untrustworthy.

All of this is supposed to enhance social “cohesion.” What it really does is create a climate of fear and a nation of informers.

The first step in the creation of an American social credit system is the vaccine passport, which has been trotted out in numerous nations and is already being adopted in several American states. Essentially, the vaccine passport shows that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19.   Proponents of the passport envision that most, if not all, of the activities of normal modern American life will be dependent upon the showing of a passport.

Without a passport, you can’t shop for groceries. You can’t ride the subway. You can’t board a train. You are walled out of society.

And, yet, as terrifying as this is, this is not the worst aspect of the vaccine passport idea.

Vaccine passports will be monitored and controlled via a nationwide web-based computer system that will be effectively identical to that used in China for the social credit system. That means your movements and activities will be monitored by this vast network. It also means that once this system is up and running and you have accepted that it controls every aspect of your life, the government that controls it will have acquired the ability to control you absolutely and completely.

And, that system, once it has acquired the ability to control you can exercise that control in any way it chooses and for any reason it desires.

Perhaps today permission for you to board a plane will be granted or denied based purely on your vaccine status. Just as easily tomorrow that permission may be granted or denied based on what websites you visit or with whom you communicate.

The system will know everywhere you go. The system will know everything you say, write and read. And, anytime it wants it can pull on the choke chain, shut you down and render you a prisoner in your own country.

Our republic is built on the concept of rights. We do not beg for privileges from the government. We grant the government certain very limited powers, and we reserve all other liberties to ourselves as God-given rights that cannot be taken away. The idea of a vaccine passport threatens the very foundations of this concept. It transforms us from the masters of our fate and free people into slaves living only by the ‘leave’ of an omnipresent and all-powerful tyrannical government.

There cannot be anything imaginable so antithetical to our entire way of life. We are literally talking about a proposal, which will fundamentally change this nation and set it on a course to become Communist China. We cannot possibly accept such a fate. As difficult as the last year and a half have been, it cannot possibly compare to this new Chinese virus – totalitarianism.