Ground Truth: Are Americans Being Used As Lab Rats?


Doctor drops some serious truth bombs…

Sam Faddis interviews Dr. Michael Knolle about the arbitrary and draconian measures of Lancaster General Hospital. Ignoring obvious health issues and the expressly experimental nature of the COVID vaccines, Lancaster General has told its thousands of employees they will either get vaccinated or be fired. This includes thousands of women of childbearing age who have no assurances whatsoever that the vaccines will not produce birth defects, infertility, or death.

Here are some of the ‘bombs’ dropped during the interview:

  • The mRNA Covid “vaccines” are Emergency Use Only (EUA) and have not gone through the same animal and human testing of traditional vaccines.
  • The mRNA shots were designed (were supposed) to stay at the injection site – Dr. Knolle notes there may have been indications that the vaccine makers knew that the contents of the mRNA snippets carrying the spike protein throughout the body might be a concern. (More on this in the video…)
  • The long-term side effects of the mRNA shots are unknown.
  • Physicians and health care staff at the Lancaster General Hospital are being terminated if they refuse to take the experimental mRNA shots.
  • Doctors are telling patients that the mRNA shots are safe in pregnancy, despite the fact that there has not been testing done on pregnant women and the vaccine has only been out for about eight months.
  • Female health-care workers are concerned about the unknown risks to fetuses and unknown risks to their reproductive health.

All across America this medical totalitarianism is expanding. Vaccines that have never been fully approved by the FDA and whose health effects are largely unknown are being forced on Americans. Increasing numbers of deaths and serious health effects that appear to be connected to the vaccines are being ignored. 

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical giants, secure in the knowledge they cannot be sued, are raking in unprecedented amounts of money.

Are Americans being used as lab rats?

Watch and decide for yourself.