Illegal Immigration: Changing America Forever


As the flood of illegals continues unabated across our southern border and the Biden administration flies them at taxpayer expense to cities across the country, there is a growing degree of alarm.  The scale of what is happening is unprecedented.  It raises the prospect that what we are witnessing is a deliberate effort by the Democratic Party to change the demographics in America and with the assistance of millions of new “Americans” to usher in a new era of one-party rule.

Down the road, it seems we may be looking at a radically different America.

Such concerns unfortunately radically understate what is happening.  This is not about incremental or generational change.  The Democratic Party and the radical leftists within it have no intention of waiting to capitalize on the advantage they have gained. They are moving aggressively right now to change America forever.

Only days ago, a crowd of at least one thousand illegals marched across the Manhattan Bridge in New York City and shut down traffic.  They staged the action to demand citizenship.  That was not a demand that Congress take action at some point in the future.  That was a demand that Congress act right now to grant full citizenship to all illegals in the country as part of the budget reconciliation process currently underway.

This action was a follow-on to actions on March 5, 2021, when organizations focused on citizenship and expanded rights for illegal immigrants shut down both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.  The power of these protests is such that New York State recently created an “Excluded Workers Fund” to provide in excess of $2 billion in unemployment benefits to residents of New York who did not qualify for other benefits because they are in the country illegally.

One of the key organizations behind the actions in New York City is called Make the Road that has multiple chapters in key states around the nation.  Make the Road is a successor organization to something called Make the Road Action. Its agenda is crystal clear.

“After years of family separation, living under the fear of deportation and being terrorized by our government, we celebrate our resistance, we welcome the Biden administration, and together, we turn a new page.  Now we begin repairing the damage & pain our communities have endured.  We urge our New Jersey delegation to express support for the Biden immigration legislation and to take immediate steps to enact this pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented people. The Biden administration must also ensure an immediate end to cruel immigration enforcement by ending immigration detention immediately, investigating abuses at DHS, and stopping the arrest of immigrants.”
Olga Armas spokesperson for Make the Road New Jersey, January 20, 2021

Make the Road partners with a whole host of far-left organizations including the Center for Popular Democracy, which essentially absorbed what was left of ACORN – a radical leftist organization that was disbanded after widespread allegations of voter registration fraud and the misuse of federal funds.

Another major partner of Make the Road is a group called FIRM Action.  FIRM Action wants an immediate fundamental transformation of the entire immigration system in this nation:

  • Immediate citizenship for all illegals.
  • The return of all those deported here at taxpayer expense.
  • The removal of all border barriers. Open borders.
  • Dramatically increased levels of immigration.

It is worth noting in this context that all advocates for citizenship for illegals claim that the total number of such individuals in the United States is somewhere around 11 million.  No explanation is ever given for how this number was calculated.  In fact, in 2018 an exhaustive study by Yale University concluded that there were over 22 million illegals in the nation as of that time.  Other studies have reached similar conclusions.

Obviously, that number has only gone up in the last three years.

There are only two states in the United States with populations in excess of 22 million – California and New York. Adding 22 million new voters to the rolls will mean adding a population in excess of that of the entire state of Florida.

The power of 22 million new voters cannot be underestimated, and it is not lost on those pushing for citizenship and open borders.  Behind FIRM is an organization called Community Change.  Community Change has an explicit strategic plan for the transformation of America.  It is called the Path to Power 2018-2033.

“Since 2017, our communities’ hard-fought gains have been under attack.  We have resisted the worst abuses of the Trump Administration and persisted in calling for more than a meek preservation of the status quo….  As we marked our 50th Anniversary in 2018, we recalled the backlash politics and reactionary violence that engulfed the year of our founding,  1968. We recognized the stumble backward our unsteady march, and we acknowledged the fruition of a decades-long strategy by the right to undermine our democracy and rig the economy in favor of a wealthy, white ruling class.  Path to Power is our response.  It is about building power from the ground up because justice for working people, immigrants, and people of color—especially Black people—will only be possible if we radically rebalance power in this country.”

Path To Power

Predictably enough, Community Change is funded by a whole host of the usual suspects – the Ford Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, the Tides Foundation, etc.  All of these are groups that are dedicated to radical change in America and have also provided support to Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter.

As usual, the proponents of citizenship for illegals, couch their demands in terms that conceal their real purpose.  They speak of justice and fairness and the American Dream.  The reality is quite different.

Just as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and their allies seek to remake the United States into a Marxist state and wage war on the foundations of the republic, the individuals and groups pushing for immediate citizenship for all illegals want to destroy the nation as we know it.  They have no intention of waiting for another election or allowing the American people a say in this transformation.

They are moving now to change America forever.