Sam Faddis Interview: How The Chinese Came To Own An Entire Administration


Sam Faddis is interviewed by Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio regarding the influence the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has within the current Biden administration. A recent Trafalgar poll indicates a growing number of Americans are concerned about the growing influence the CCP has on American politics.

Faddis says “we need a major course correction.” “This is a battle for who will be the dominant power on the planet.”

Faddis notes that these uncomfortable ties to the CCP leaves our country very vulnerable and exposes the multiple counter-intelligence issues this presents. Listen in.

Faddis noted the number of administration personnel who have uncomfortably close ties with the CCP and the Chinese government in general. Research on these close administration ties to the CCP can be found on The Manchurian Administration category on AND Magazine and in ongoing research at The Accountability Initiative.