We Aren’t Buying It Anymore – We Will Not Comply


What we now know as the Boston Tea party occurred on December 16, 1773, in Boston Massachusetts. Colonists boarded three merchant vessels in the city’s harbor and dumped a total of 342 chests of tea into the water. The incident has long been remembered as one of the key steps on the road to the American Revolution and an act of defiance against the British crown. It might better be categorized as a demonstration directed at an illegal combination on the part of the government of Great Britain and the British East India Company. The objective of that unholy alliance was to force colonists to buy tea supplied by the East India Company, to preserve that company’s monopoly and enrich its investors.

Sort of like forcing Americans to take vaccines made by Big Pharma in order to guarantee that obscenely profitable enterprises pushing drugs to Americans become even more profitable.

The exact sequence of events that led to the COVID-19 pandemic remains murky to this day. It seems more and more likely the disease came from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. How it came to leave that lab and infect hundreds of millions around the planet remains unclear. If the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Dr. Fauci have their way we may, in fact, never know exactly what happened.

Some things, though, are very clear. Big Pharma knows an opportunity when it sees one, and very early on it recognized that COVID-19 was a truly golden opportunity, and if it was exploited properly the amount of money to be made was almost unimaginable. The disease was easily and widely transmissible. Most of the people on the planet were ultimately going to get it.

Several things had to happen, however, to ensure the unprecedented ‘payday.”

  • The lethality of the disease had to be greatly exaggerated. Lots of diseases spread easily and widely and nobody loses their mind over them. The actual number of people who die of COVID-19 is very small, so the numbers needed to be fudged. Governments needed to be pressured to change their rules on reporting deaths. Henceforth anybody who died, who had been tested and found to have COVID or even had never been tested but had demonstrated COVID-like symptoms, would be counted as having died of COVID.
  • Available medications like hydroxychloroquine had to be discredited. The real money-making opportunity was in getting vaccines to market asap under emergency use authorizations (EUA’s). The government can only issue such authorizations if it has been demonstrated that there are no available effective treatments. Cue the Big Pharma shills all over the planet ginning up fake studies and trotting out garbage science to ensure nobody could use cheap, generic, effective drugs to save lives. Only vaccines would be allowed.
  • Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA’s) had to be issued. That meant skipping a whole lot of testing, ignoring issues with side effects, etc. No big deal for an industry that has long since co-opted the federal agencies that theoretically exist to police drug companies and guarantee public safety.

All of this happened in broad daylight. All of it was visible as it happened, and any number of commentators pointed out that a crisis was being manufactured for the express purpose of making a handful of companies unprecedented amounts of money. No one in power did anything to stop it. In part, they were dazzled by the opportunities a pandemic provided to increase the reach of government. In part, they were simply bought and paid for by an industry that pumps massive amounts of cash into campaign war chests.

Most of the American people bought the narrative at least initially. Despite everything they continue to believe, or perhaps hope, that government is on their side. Despite everything they still default in too many cases to believing the lies fed them on television, radio, and the internet.

But, like the colonists who gradually awakened to the tyranny of the British crown and its incestuous relationship with the British East India Company, Americans are now “awake.” They recognize the price paid for ill-considered lockdown measures. They can read for themselves the dangers of the vaccines. They can see that COVID is not and never was a disease that threatened to kill any significant number of people who did not already have life-threatening illnesses.

Americans understand now that they were lied to. Increasingly, they realize that all of this was about making them take a vaccine and making a tiny group of people and corporations unbelievably rich.

The people that masterminded this fraud, however, have not yet understood that things have changed. They continue to believe that they can play the same game, spread fear, peddle junk science, and force the American people to do their bidding. Dr. Fauci – who from the beginning has been at the heart of this con – is once again talking about possible additional lockdowns and mask mandates. The necessity for additional vaccinations is being openly discussed. Nations around the world are turning to even more draconian measures and news anchors are discussing the necessity to treat anyone who has not been vaccinated as a second-class citizen to be denied basic rights.

We can hope that our elected representatives will stand up, do the right thing, and prevent this madness from being forced on us again. We can hope, but experience tells us that far too many of them either enjoy the power this “crisis” gives them or are simply bought and paid for by corporate oligarchs. We may yet find that our leaders have failed us again and be faced with a stark choice.

Either submit or take matters into our own hands.

This is the choice our forefathers faced over two hundred years ago in Boston. Betrayed by their own government they stood up and said in the clearest possible terms that they would not submit and that they did not exist to enrich a handful of powerful men. They understood the risks. They also understood that fundamentally they had no choice. Living as slaves was not an option.

The Insider Paper via Twitter

All around the world we are already seeing that the citizens of other nations have made their choice. There are demonstrations from Australia to Milan against lockdowns and medical tyranny. We may find in the near future that we are required to take precisely the same steps and to send the message to our would-be overlords in the clearest possible fashion.

Enough. We will not comply. We aren’t buying it anymore.

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