Biden Opens The Border To The Virus


The Biden administration barrages us daily with messages designed to spread fear of the coronavirus and convince Americans to take experimental vaccines and make Big Pharma even richer. The logic is inescapable.  Big Pharma is now being forced to pay judgments in the billions of dollars for the damage it caused in the opioid crisis it created.

They have to recoup those losses somehow.

Meanwhile, though – the same administration that assures us we are all going to die if we don’t comply and get “the jab” – has opened the southern border and invited the entire world to walk in, untested.  Then these same individuals, still untested and untreated, are flown or bussed all over the United States at taxpayer expense.  It is as if somehow magically COVID-19 – the disease that has crippled our nationonly affects citizens and legal residents.

The absurdity of this situation is perhaps most evident when one considers the current flood of Haitians entering the nation illegally.  Border Patrol agents have apprehended 15,599 Haitians from January through June this year, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  In the same period last year, 2,097 Haitians were apprehended. That is a 644% increase year to year.

Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  Its medical system is decrepit and woefully inadequate. Vaccines for COVID were unavailable until late July and only now are beginning to be administered.  Government statistics on infection rates are essentially meaningless and are generally disregarded by those treating the sick.

“The figures are wrong,” says Dr. Ronald LaRoche, who runs a network of nonprofit private clinics in Haiti.  “We must have a higher contagion rate than the whole world.”

Even the government statistics, though, are stunning.  In May 2021 alone infections and fatalities from COVID jumped fivefold in Haiti.  Hospitals in the capital city of Port-au-Prince announced in June that they were saturated and were turning away new patients.  “We are overwhelmed with patients,” said Marc Edson Augustin, medical director of St Luke Hospital.  The upwards trend could prove “catastrophic”, said Laure Adrien, general director of Haiti’s Health Ministry.

The new wave also comes amid surging gang violence that is making it even more difficult to treat the sick. Thousands of residents of poor neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince have been forced to flee their homes due to the intensity of the fighting.

The Haitian government officially declared a health emergency on May 24th and imposed a curfew and safety measures, although compliance with the measures appears to be minimal.  Most Haitians can’t afford face masks and overcrowding in housing and public transportation makes social distancing impossible.  Few Haitians can afford medical care either.

Speaking recently Bruno Maes, a representative in Haiti for UNICEF, said the children’s agency was desperately trying to get ahead of the rising infection rates.  “It’s not enough, for sure,” he said.  “We have to be ready for a bigger influx of cases. …It could get out of control.”

Apparently, the CDC agrees with the dire assessment of the situation in Haiti.  It officially describes Haiti as having a high level of COVID infections and provides this guidance on its website.

“Key Information for Travelers to Haiti
• Make sure you are fully vaccinated before traveling to Haiti.
• Unvaccinated travelers should avoid nonessential travel to Haiti.
• Because of the current situation in Haiti, all travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.”

The Department of State simply says, “do not travel” to Haiti.

In short, Haiti is in free fall.  COVID patients are not being treated.  Vaccines are only just now becoming available, and there are nowhere near enough doses for the entire nation.  This desperately poor nation that struggles to provide basic medical care on a good day cannot possibly deal with the epidemic it is now facing.  Everyone in Haiti is going to get the virus.  The only question then is how many of them will die and how many of them will survive the illness.

Haitians understand this.  They are voting with their feet.  They are coming here, trying to escape the maelstrom consuming their nation.

They are bringing the virus with them.

Nevertheless, CDC Director Walensky, understanding her talking points, recently dismissed the idea that a wave of untested, unvaccinated migrants coming into the country might cause a rise in COVID cases in the United States.  In her view, any such rise could not be “attributed” to illegal immigrants.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

The threat is not abating.  The tsunami of Haitians heading to our southern border has not yet crested.  Along with others from a host of African and Asian countries, Haitians are flooding cities and border crossings from Colombia, through Panama and Central America all the way to the Mexican border.  They all have the same destination in mind.

The United States of America.

However much empathy we may feel for the residents of Haiti, allowing tens of thousands of individuals from this nation to flee the ongoing catastrophe on their island and simply walk into the United States is not simply madness. It is tantamount to treason.  The first and most important responsibility of the Chief Executive is to protect the people of the United States.  The current resident of the Oval Office is deliberately failing to perform that duty.  We will all pay the price.