Brand New Medscape Portal Details Health Care Workers’ Thoughts On Covid Vaccine Side Effects


Medscape just opened a new portal for health care workers to reflect on their concerns over the new Covid vaccines. The site title is “How concerned are you about adverse events related to the vaccines?” There have already been over 1100 responses and comments posted to the site. While the site is intended for medical professionals – doctors, nurses, etc., it appears that almost anyone can create an account and post.

Here are some highlights:

  • Dr. Ian Matthews – I am quite concerned. I have seen multiple young people with serious issues within 1 to 2 weeks of vaccination. DVT and PE, arrhythmias and heart failure, and neurologic issues such as GB. And I’m hearing from friends in cardiology that they are routinely seeing young folks in the cicu with heart problems shortly after vaccination.
  • Dr. Serafino Fazio – I performed a control of Ddimer blood levels before and after vaccines in 25 subjects, and I found a relevant increase of Ddimer levels (on average six/seven times over the normal values) in about 60% of subjects 7 days after the vaccine injection. Why?
  • Dr. Hoffe, from Canada, has the same results. A bio-distribution study obtained by Dr. Bridle, also from Canada, shows that the vaccine does not remain in the deltoid area but does get into the bloodstream.  Small concentrations of spike protein were found all over the body.  He postulates that considering the spike protein’s affinity for ACE2 receptors and the vascular damage caused by this, as can be seen with severe C19 cases, that the most likely sites would be the capillaries causing microvascular thrombosis that cannot be detected by CT, but could be revealed through the D-dimer test.  His concern is that this will cause significant complications in a couple of years.  
  • Ron Reynolds – ~30-45 days ago, the CDC changed their requirements for hospitals and clinics on how to count a COVID case. Now, if a patient is admitted with a COVID diagnosis but has previously been vaccinated, the hospital/clinic does not have to register that person as a COVID case which means you do not get counted in the pool of people that are vaccinated. This makes it appear on the outside like hospitals are filling up with un-vaccinated COVID cases. See the deceit and illusion?
  • Dr. MJ H – FYI, one of my patients who had a full-blown case of covid had antibodies tested (on her own) by two different well-known labs. Twice she tested negative with the same lab, and twice strongly positive with the other lab. The moral is that you can’t trust the labs.
  • Dr. Gregory Coffman – I am concerned that the vaccinated parents are contracting SARS-CoV-2 and giving it to their children. 3 of the 4 children seen for Covid today contracted it from their vaccinated Covid 19 positive parents.
  • Dr. Wendy Doran – Very. Worried re ITP; thromboembolism; pericarditis; also vaccines according to the founder of mRNA technology are more likely to cause variants if employed during actual pandemic. We have not enough safety data on this new technology.
  • T K – Extremely concerned, especially since I have 5 co workers affected by it. One death, one refractory to treatment gbs, one with blood clots, another with new Onset afib/rvr. All after pfizer. I know countless stories from friends who have witnessed strokes, heart failure, and unexplained deaths after receiving the shots. These events clearly correlate with the tens of thousands of reports to vaers that is taking months to look into. Now all of a sudden, our “cases” are up again, after mass vaccinating everyone ? ! Early treatment with ivermectin/hcq does work and making it a politic