De Blasio Brings Jim Crow To New York


On February 4, 1960, protesters gathered outside a Woolworths in New York City to protest the company’s practice of not serving blacks at its lunch counters.  The action was taken in solidarity with similar actions across the nation and was only first of a long series of similar demonstrations across New York City.  Within months Woolworths caved, and in rapid succession dining establishments were desegrated across the nation.

It may be time for somebody in New York City to begin to resurrect such actions on behalf of the black residents of the city…

Mayor De Blasio, who like Joe Biden regards the democratic process as anachronistic and prefers to rule by executive decree, recently announced that the unvaccinated will no longer be allowed into a host of city venues including all sit-down restaurants. In the process he effectively legislated a return to the days of Jim Crow and excluded the overwhelming majority of black New Yorkers from dining establishments.

The unvaccinated, in NYC, will soon be completely banned from dining establishments, entertainment venues and indoor fitness centers.

Beginning on September 13th, residents of New York City will be required to show either their “Key to NYC Pass” or the state’s “Excelsior Pass” if they wish to enter indoor dining facilities, indoor fitness centers and indoor entertainment facilities. But, as reported by the Western Journal, only 35 percent of black residents of New York City have been vaccinated, which is the lowest of any demographic in the city by far. So, New York City’s vaccine passports rule are effectively a return to the days of Jim Crow. Two-thirds of the city’s black residents will be told “sorry, we don’t serve your kind (unvaccinated) here.”

The Democratic mayor of Boston, Kim Janey, had the sense to recognize this impact when she heard of New York’s action. She likened the idea to the practice during the time of slavery of requiring black people to carry papers proving they were free or face arrest as runaway slaves. The mayor then made crystal clear Boston would not be following New York’s lead.

De Blasio may like to portray himself as a man of the people and an advocate for individual freedom. He is nothing of the sort. He is a petty tyrant, drunk on power and addicted to the idea of total government control over every aspect of peoples lives. It is somehow fitting then that in the year 2021 he has brought us back to the days of Jim Crow and the oppression of a majority of the black population of his city.