Ground Truth: U.N. Turns Over Names Of Chinese Dissidents Testifying Before Its Human Rights Commission – To China


Sam Faddis interviews Emma Riley, a human rights lawyer at the United Nations (U.N.). Emma details how the United Nations provides the names of Chinese dissidents – testifying before the United Nations on human rights abuses – to the government of China. The Chinese Communist Party then uses this information to target these dissidents and their families and attempt to prevent testimony about Chinese human rights abuses from being given.

Emma became aware of this practice in 2013. She has attempted to stop it ever since. She has brought her complaints to the most senior levels of the United Nations. Nothing has been done to stop the practice, but Emma is now being targeted by the U.N. for termination.

Some of the Chinese dissidents testifying before the U.N. are U.S. citizens. Emma has also provided information on this practice to the U.S. government. Nothing has been done by Washington to stop the practice.

In addition to the information in the video below, you can visit Riley’s website for additional information – including her cross-examination by U.N. attorneys.

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