Benedict Biden Leaves The Country Defenseless


Most Americans are generally aware that Benedict Arnold was a traitor.  Many are perhaps less aware of the details. Arnold, a general officer during the Revolutionary War conspired with the British to hand over West Point, which was then not a military academy but a key fortress on the Hudson River.  Arnold planned to open the door to the enemy and leave his countrymen defenseless.

Which brings us to Joe Biden and the coronavirus.

But, first, let’s review what we know about COVID-19 and the circumstances surrounding its appearance.

  • We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic caused by the virus.
  • The virus originated in China and from there spread to the rest of the world.
  • The virus first appeared in the city of Wuhan site of China’s top biological research lab.
  • The Wuhan lab was conducting and continues to conduct gain of function research. This is research deliberately designed to make viruses more dangerous to humans.
  • There is no meaningful distinction between civilian and military biological research in China.  There are military personnel at the Wuhan lab.  The Chinese have for many years talked openly about the use of biological weapons in future conflicts.
  • There is no evidence to support China’s claim that COVID-19 spread naturally from a wet market in Wuhan.  All available evidence suggests strongly the virus came out of the Wuhan lab.  Substantial evidence exists to support the notion that the virus had been bio-engineered to make it more dangerous to humans.

So, we can say with some certainty that COVID-19 either escaped from the Wuhan lab due to sloppy procedures and carelessness or that it was deliberately released, perhaps as a test run for future deployments of more lethal pathogens.

In either case, the United States should be moving with dispatch and a sense of purpose.  The COVID-19 pandemic is not the end of anything.  It is the beginning.

If the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab due to poor safety practices, then other viruses will certainly do so in the future.  The Chinese have taken no responsibility for what has happened.  They have permitted no independent review of their procedures and facilities.  Nor have they shown any inclination to change course or back away from gain-of-function research.  On the contrary, all available information shows that Beijing is pushing ahead and working now with diseases far more deadly than COVID-19.

If the virus was deliberately released as some sort of test run, then the results of its deployment must be highly encouraging to the Chinese.  The virus has spread throughout the world and crippled economies everywhere when draconian public health policies were implemented.  If a disease that kills far less than 1% of the people it infects can do this, one can only imagine the power of a more lethal but equally transmissible virus.

We have seen the first shot fired in a new biological war whether intentional or accidental.  We have precious little time to prepare for the next volley.

We ought to be:

  • Demanding a real investigation of the origins of COVID-19 and using whatever combination of diplomatic pressure and economic sanctions are required to make the Chinese cooperate.
  • Taking a hard look at the dismal performance of our health sector and public health agencies in dealing with COVID-19 and making major, structural changes. A system that forbade treatment of the virus until patients were on life support, shoved highly infectious elderly patients into crowded nursing homes and imposed absurd and counter-productive lockdowns on healthy individuals is not one we want to rely on when a much more lethal disease arrives on our shores. We failed the test in responding to this virus. We need to fix a great many things while we still have time.

Perhaps most importantly, though, we ought to be securing our borders and implementing measures that allow us to control who is coming here and determine their health status. COVID-19 spread worldwide naturally, human to human. Future killer viruses, which may already exist, can certainly do the same.

Yet, insanely, we are doing none of these things. Joe Biden may have all the time in the world to push vaccines of marginal utility and questionable safety on American citizens. He has no time to pressure the Chinese, fix our health system or secure our borders. In fact, to the contrary, since he sat down in the Oval Office seven months ago, he has effectively eliminated our borders and opened our nation to the world.

We are on pace to have as many as two million illegal immigrants enter the United States in the first year of the Biden administration. Those people are coming from all over the world including China and East Asia. Any one of them could be infected with the next disease, the one that will really kill in large numbers. None of them are being tested before being released into the U.S. Virtually none of them are being turned away.

All of this is because of one man. No laws have been passed. No public debates have been conducted. One man –who to all appearances sold his soul to Beijing long ago – has simply decreed that we will open the gates, abandon the walls and allow the enemy to walk through our defenses. The price we pay may be incalculable.

Benedict Arnold was discovered before he could carry out his plans. West Point never fell. Biden has been discovered as well, but there is no sign his plans have been foiled or that anyone is coming to save us. He may yet succeed where Arnold failed.