Afghan Refugees To Be Resettled At Military Bases In U.S. – Pentagon Just Announced No Flights Going Into Or Out Of Kabul


According to reporting from the New York Post, the Biden administration is already landing Afghan refugees in the U.S. – apparently with little to no vetting in the chaos that is occurring in Afghanistan. While many American officials are still awaiting exfiltration and the Taliban has seized the airport in Kabul, the administration is planning to resettle unknown numbers of refugees in the U.S. This is the definition of a humanitarian crisis – overnight video showed human beings falling off aircraft fleeing the Kabul airport as the planes took off – clinging to aircraft as they are well aware that the Taliban is killing its enemies.

We must assist as best we can – we must also ensure our own personnel and those of our allies are safely exfiltrated from the mayhem the Biden administration just perpetuated. Common sense would dictate – get as many of our own and those Afghans who have loyally supported the U.S. out first. With the chaos occurring in Kabul right now there is very little way to vet who is allowed to board aircraft, therefore it makes no sense to bring those who are not Americans to our soil now. We have U.S. and allied bases in the region – which would allow for a faster turnaround of aircraft and time to vet who was just flew out of the chaos in Afghanistan before we make decisions about resettlement in the U.S.

The pointing of fingers about how we got here is just beginning – it was predicted by many who criticized the manner in which the Biden administration proceeded with its withdrawal from Afghanistan. The overall handling of Afghanistan has also been criticized for a number of years now – citing the interests of the “suits” in Washington over any national security concerns or concerns of the Afghan people, particularly those who wanted to believe they could have a more peaceful society.

Among the good people who we want to save there may be many who are not our friends and may try to do us harm. Moving in haste and without knowing who we are bringing in will not make this debacle go away. Slow down, do due diligence.

Editors’ note: We encourage you to contact your U.S. elected officials and express your anger that this administration allowed this to happen and to tell them not to allow the Biden administration to further the harm to our country by acting cavalierly to resettle refugees who have not been properly vetted.

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