First Female Mayor in Afghanistan: I’m Sitting Here Waiting For Them To Come…


Jake Sullivan said that the Biden administration had extracted “promises” from the Taliban to allow U.S. citizens to reach the Kabul airport for evacuation, Sullivan also deflected mostly on questions regarding the outlook for females in Afghanistan under the new Taliban government. “We’ll do our best” to make sure they are taken care of, he said. How? We still don’t know that all of the remaining Americans – official, NGO, or other – will even make it out of the country. During his press conference, the first female mayor in Afghanistan, Zarifa Ghafari, stated that “I’m sitting here waiting for them (the Taliban) to come. There’s no one to help me or my family; they’ll come for people like me and kill me.”

There are literally thousands of Americans who did not make it to the Kabul airport when the Biden administration retreated from the American Embassy. They are stranded in cities and towns throughout the country – far from Kabul. Even before that retreat, General Mark Milley Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff responded to a question stating that we did not tactically need Bagram Airbase, in response to why we had abandoned the airbase. Well, that clearly was the wrong assessment.

There seems to be no accountability in the Biden administration. Reports keep coming in that translators who worked with the U.S. government have been killed, tortured – even beheaded. Their families were also killed.

Who will ever trust the U.S. again?