The Traitor In The White House Must Go – He And His Administration Are Working Against Us And For Our Enemies


Let me state what should be obvious but for some reason remains unsaid. Our troops in Kabul are in an untenable position. They are surrounded. Their only method of resupply is via air from one airfield. The enemy is all around, gaining in strength and armed to the teeth with weaponry they just captured from us.

The news is obsessed with the question of why our troops are not going into Kabul to rescue the thousands of Americans trapped there. The answer is simple and terrifying. We do not have sufficient force on the ground to guarantee that our own forces will not be overrun. We have no one to spare to start patrolling Kabul and transporting Americans to safety.

We are balanced on a knife’s edge. Babies being passed over a wall into the airport are not the worst images we may yet see. The American people have come to believe as an article of faith that our armed forces can never be defeated on the field of battle. That is, unfortunately, far from true.

This President has not simply made some poor decisions. He has made absolutely catastrophic, perhaps even treasonous decisions. The consequences are almost unthinkable:

– We have thousands of Americans trapped in territory controlled by an Islamic terrorist group every bit as vicious as ISIS. We have no capacity to help secure their release given the constraints this President has put on our military.
– We have thousands of American soldiers surrounded in a militarily indefensible position. We will be fortunate to ever get them out.
The Chinese government is already announcing its friendship with the Taliban. Their exploitation of this situation is underway. The mineral deposits they will gain as a consequence will – in and of themselves – change the balance of power on this planet.
– Every jihadist group in the world is reenergized and revitalized. We can expect at any moment that attacks will begin and areas we believed pacified will explode into violence anew.
– The Communist Chinese, already emboldened by the presence of their ‘lacky’, Biden, in the White House, are signaling fresh interest in seizing Taiwan and changing the entire balance of power in the Pacific.
We have allowed the Taliban to seize incredible quantities of advanced weaponry and made no move to destroy it. This radical Islamic terrorist group now possesses armored vehicles, top-of-the-line weapons, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. Thanks to this administration they also now have all the Afghans we trained to maintain and operate all of this.

We have suffered a major, strategic defeat. This administration has not reacted by acting to limit the damage. On the contrary, it has defended its actions and made clear it has no intention of changing course. Even as this disaster threatens to become infinitely worse, Biden angrily responds to criticism by saying he regrets nothing and then retreats from the press and vanishes from the world stage.

This is a constitutional crisis. Our “commander in chief” is either so grossly incompetent as to be unfit to serve or he is actively working against our interests and on behalf of our enemies. He cannot possibly be allowed to continue in office.

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Every Senator and Representative in Washington, D.C. ought to be saying that out loud all day every day. That criticism ought obviously to start with key Republican leadership. There are legal provisions pursuant to the Constitution, which allow for the removal of a sitting President in circumstances such as this. They ought to be invoked. Biden has been in the Oval Office for eight months. We may not survive as a republic if he is allowed to complete his term.

And, yet strangely there is virtually no serious criticism of this administration beyond the usual, political opportunism one would expect. As the lives of Americans hang in the balance abroad it is largely business as usual in DC. Criticism is offered. There are threats that there may be an “investigation.” Perhaps, God forbid, we will have a commission, which will think deep thoughts and give us a report in a year or so that can sit on the shelves of the Library of Congress and collect dust.

What we need is action. What we need is backbone. Every Republican in Congress and every Democrat that remembers being an American is more important than partisan advantage ought to be calling on the principal officers of this administration to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this morally bankrupt, hideously incompetent pretender from office. Articles of impeachment should have been introduced yesterday.

It is not just our countrymen in Kabul who have been betrayed. We have all been stabbed in the back by a man and an administration that are working against us and on behalf of our enemies. The time for mild criticism has come and gone. There can be no more business as usual.

The traitor in the White House must go.