Did Biden Just Conspire With The Taliban?


It has been widely reported that CIA Director Burns traveled to Kabul for meetings with the Taliban earlier today. The speculation from those who continue to believe or want to believe that the Biden administration is acting in the interests of national security and human decency was that Burns was in Afghanistan to ask for more time in which to complete the evacuation underway at Kabul airport. In my assessment that was never true. Something truly monstrous was underway.

Almost as soon as Burns completed his meetings with the Taliban that group announced that Afghans would no longer be allowed to travel to the airport. Access was being shut off. The nation was being locked down and sealed off from the outside world.

Burns did not, in my opinion, go to Kabul to ask the Taliban to give us time to complete a mission of mercy. He went to ask them to shut off the spigot.

Biden is taking a beating in the polls. Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The number of people who believe he is not in control of the government is skyrocketing. Babies being thrown over razor wire make for bad optics.

The Biden administration needed this slow-motion media train wreck to end. They needed to remove the Afghan people from the equation and get Jen Psaki off the hot seat. The media that conspired with ‘Joe and company’ to cover up Hunter’s laptop was beginning to show signs of doing its job. This had to end.

We needed those crowds of terrified people begging for salvation to go away. We needed the Taliban to make that happen.

In my opinion, the U.S. Government just conspired with terrorists to condemn the Afghan people to hell. Think about that in the weeks ahead – when the massacres begin. Think about that when women all over that country are condemned to lives as sex slaves.

We as a nation have never been here before. We have had incompetent Presidents. We have had a fair number of mediocrities. We have never before had in power an administration working against our own national security, conspiring with the enemy, and betraying every principle on which this nation was founded.

What we are seeing is not an unfortunate series of events. We are not experiencing the inevitable consequences of ending a twenty-year conflict. We are watching a “President” and his key advisors betraying the American and Afghan peoples and acting completely contrary to our national interests.

The horror of what is unfolding is only now becoming clear. The pain and suffering the Afghan people are going to endure are incalculable. The catastrophic impact on American prestige will be with us for a generation.

We have been the bulwark of freedom since at least the Second World War. We are no longer. We have abandoned that role. In Afghanistan, millions will pay the price. We cannot yet imagine the cost worldwide of this catastrophe.