LA Times: San Diego Students And Their Parents Stranded In Afghanistan


According to reporting from the L.A. Times, at least “24 students from the Cajon Valley Union School District in El Cajon and 16 parents are stranded in Afghanistan after taking a summer trip abroad.” These Americans are among thousands (in fact, often projected, tens of thousands) of Americans and their allies who have not yet been able to get out of Afghanistan. As of yesterday, the Department of Defense says that it has increased the number of flights out of Afghanistan, however, journalists and sources in Afghanistan are reporting that the U.S. government may pull all official and military Americans out of Afghanistan prior to their 31 August deadline.

The L.A. Times reported that the Cajon Valley Union School District had met with Representative Darrell Issa (R-Bonsall) and his staff about the situation.

Jonathan Wilcox of Issa’s office wrote via email, “Congressman Issa and his staff are working diligently to determine the facts on the ground, any bureaucratic barriers that can be removed, and the best ways to help those stranded leave Afghanistan and return home safely. We won’t stop until we have answers and action.”

Cajon Valley School Board President Tamara Otero said the families had tickets to fly out of Afghanistan, “but unfortunately they were not able to get to the airport.”

“The biggest concern is that the Taliban closed the airport,” Otero said. “We are so worried about our students that are stuck there. We’ll do the best we can to get them out.”


Editors’ Note: As of the publishing of this article, it appeared only the L.A. Times and The Hill had reported on this story – searches on Twitter uncovered very little on this topic.