11 Marines; 1 Navy Medic Killed At Kabul Airport – U.S. Evacuations On Hold; Gates Locked


Update 14:35: Fox News is now reporting that 11 Marines have been killed and one Navy medic, as confirmed by the Pentagon. AND Magazine is hearing from sources in Afghanistan that 13 Marines have died and many more are injured.

Update 14:33: Press outlets are reporting that 10 Marines have been killed at the Kabul airport; we are hearing the number of Marines killed is now higher.

Update 12:50: The New York Times is reporting that there are at least 40 dead and 120 injured in the bombing attack at the Kabul airport today in Afghanistan. Additionally, the U.S. government has stated that evacuation efforts have resumed at Kabul airport. AND Magazine is waiting for additional information from sources on the ground in Afghanistan for further details on what those evacuations may look like.

Update 11:15: ANDmagazine has just learned from eyewitnesses on the ground that an 82nd U.S. Airborne 2 star General ordered a group of 100 Christian missionaries who had approximately 300 children already inside the airport gates last night to leave the airport and wait outside the gate. They were waiting for a charter flight. They were outside the Kabul airport when the blast occurred. All airport gates were closed and locked down. The U.S. government’s evacuation is over. Intelligence reports suggest that more attacks are expected.

The Department of Defense (DoD) spokesperson John Kirby has just stated that DoD can “confirm an explosion outside Kabul airport. Casualties are unclear at this time. We will provide additional details when we can.”

Additionally, it is now being reported that fifty Afghans were also killed in one of the IED attacks at Kabul airport. Those IED attacks/bombs are being reported as suicide attacks.

We will continue to update the situation on the ground.

Update 10:50: Unfortunately, multiple sources from within Afghanistan are now reporting that four U.S. Marines were killed in one of the bomb attacks at the Kabul airport.

Update 10:35: USG has officially announced that USG evacuations have ended, according to reporting from within Afghanistan. It is unclear that personnel inside the airport will be evacuated, but those on the ground – inside the airport – are hopeful they will be flown out. USG has just effectively told anyone, not inside Kabul airport, that we are leaving, there is no support for you.

Update 10:20, Thursday: The USG is now welding gates at the Kabul airport shut. Sam Faddis has just reported via War Room Pandemic that those gates may be closing because of the division within the U.S. military on whether or not to go outside the gates to attempt to rescue additional Americans and Afghans in trouble. U.S. military members have been attempting to retrieve individuals located outside the airport – welding those gates will effectively end those efforts.

Erik Prince is reporting from the region that the USG left the entire database which includes all identifiable information on U.S. personnel as well as all Afghani personnel who assisted the American government.

Update 10:13: It is now being reported that there have been at least two bombs explode at two different gates at the Kabul airport. Unfortunately, we are learning that American citizens have been killed, but it is currently unclear whether American military members have been killed.

Additionally, the Biden administration is portraying this as an ISIS-related bombing, despite the fact that reporting from the ground and from other experts indicate it is the Taliban – the group now in control of Afghanistan – bombing the airport and our citizens. As Sam Faddis just reported on Steve Bannon’s War Room, the Taliban is a terrorist group – there is basically, no distinction between ISIS/al-Qaida and the Taliban.

0948 Thursday: According to reporting from AND Magazine sources within Afghanistan, it is reported that an IED has exploded at the airport in Kabul and there are fatalities. At present we have no additional details on whether Americans have been killed. Those on the ground right now in Afghanistan are reporting that it is unlikely anyone now outside the airport will be evacuated. If you are inside the airport, you may be evacuated. We will report additional details as we receive them.

According to reporting from ‘ANSA,it‘ this morning, an Italian C-130 transport plane carrying Afghan former NATO workers out of Kabul was shot shortly after takeoff on Thursday. It performed evasive maneuvers and ANSA reports that there was no damage to the aircraft.