Exclusive: U.S. General Tells American Missionary Group To Go Outside Kabul Airport Gate Last Night – At Least Two Suicide Bombs Exploded At Gates Today


AND Magazine has just learned from eyewitnesses on the ground that an 82nd U.S. Airborne 2 star general ordered a group of 100 Christian missionaries who had approximately 300 children already inside the airport gates last night to leave the airport and wait outside the gate. They were waiting for a charter flight likely for today. They were outside when the blast occurred. All gates closed and locked down. The U.S. government’s evacuation is over. Intelligence reports suggest that more attacks are expected.

The Department of Defense (DoD) spokesperson John Kirby has just stated that DoD can “confirm an explosion outside Kabul airport. Casualties are unclear at this time. We will provide additional details when we can.”

Additionally, it is now being reported that fifty Afghans were also killed in one of the IED attacks at Kabul airport. Those IED attacks/bombs are being reported as suicide attacks.

AND Magazine is reporting live updates via this link.