Will U.S. Truckers Join Truckers In France, NZ, UK, Canada, Australia In Protesting Covid Mandates?


While most of the media has not bothered to cover many of the protests that have been occurring for months in the U.K., Australia, and France against Covid mandates – particularly more recent protests against vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and strict lockdowns have been pushed by many of those governments. However, with vaccine mandates and lockdowns rolling out in Australia – to the point that 24,000 Australian children were rounded into a stadium to receive a Covid vaccine without their parents’ consent – Australians appear to have been pushed to the limit. Truckers there, in concert with veterans, concerned parents, medical personnel, etc. had announced they would strike to protest the Covid vaccine mandates and strict Covid lockdowns. Per social media posts out of Australia, it appears a large number of truckers there have turned out to protest. It is unclear whether the mainstream news will cover the protests.

American truckers had posted on social media outlets that they would also protest against Covid mandates and lockdowns as well. However, we are not yet seeing any indicators that they are occurring on a large scale. Truckers in Australia had put out notices at least a week in advance that Australians should stock up on supplies and be prepared for shortages. Perhaps U.S. strikers may strike in part today and prepare for a larger strike into the next week or so?

This trucker said that he was shutting down today and continuing the shutdown until after 11 September (or later).

Strikes in Australia:

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