Prominent U.S. Physician: Entire World In A State Of Mass Psychosis


Dr. McCullough is most certainly not an anti-vaccine doctor. He is a world-recognized cardiologist who specializes in cardiology and cardio-renal issues. He has been published more than any doctor in the world and recognized early on that the Covid-19 crisis was a call for doctors to figure out how to save patients. McCullough immersed himself in research and coordinated with colleagues to figure out how best to treat his patients, who were by definition at high risk. He was the first to publish information on the early treatment of Covid – “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has pushed for early treatment for Covid patients – all the while suffering censorship and worse – and now believes that there is clearly a concerted effort to quiet doctors and scientists who disagree with the government and media narratives – particularly the narrative that vaccines are the only way to treat and prevent Covid and which produced a CDC hospital directive for Covid treatment that encourages doctors to avoid early treatment.

Dr. McCullough talks about a “trance” that the world is in – a “mass psychosis” – and says that in addition to all he is doing to treat Covid patients, including Covid patients who were vaccinated, and Covid injured young people who are getting myocarditis post-Covid injection, that some of the most important conversations he is having are with psychologists to figure out how we have an entire world that is under the Covid “trance.” He says something is clearly wrong – you have good people who are not paying attention to real data, which includes Covid vaccine failure, Covid vaccine reactions and injuries – including what he believes includes 45,000 deaths (based on CSM/Medicaid/Medicare data not on VAERS) from the Covid vaccines that have been administered since December 2020. McCullough says people – including (especially) the medical profession that appears to have no reason anymore. The 52% of the country that has not been vaccinated is being threatened with vaccine mandates that pay no attention to Covid recovered patients, no attention to those who clearly have contraindications to taking the vaccine. McCullough says that worldwide people somehow are hardened and literally in a trance. Basically, he is saying that worldwide people are losing empathy for their fellow mankind. People are doing bad things to other people right now.

Dr. McCullough also talks about the CDC’s protocols, issued in October of 2020, on how hospitals were instructed to treat Covid patients. The CDC guidelines were clear – don’t treat Covid patients until their oxygen levels drop and they need to be hospitalized. In other words, wait until they basically are starting to turn blue before you offer any treatment at all. Actually, he notes, the in-hospital treatment is not much better – wait until they need oxygen or a ventilator. The CDC also recommended that doctors use Remdesivir, but as McCullough notes the stage at which the CDC was recommending the anti-viral Remdesivir, was AFTER the virus had cleared and the patient was suffering from the after-effects of the virus and was not of any use. McCullough also notes that doctors were discouraged from trying any medications (worldwide) to help their patients, with some governments attempting to stop doctors from prescribing ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine and some nations from threatening actions against doctors who were attempting to treat their patients. When, in the history of medicine did doctors not treat patients as soon as possible?

The full video – which includes McCullough’s analysis of CDC and Israeli Ministry of Health data which shows clearly – and has been publicly admitted by the CDC – that the vaccines are not preventing the transmission of Covid. McCullough also notes that in the Covid vaccinated patients who have breakthrough cases, as of the end of July, the CDC is reporting that those patients have a 19% fatality rate. McCullough said that the accepted fatality rate in hospital settings is at 10% or under, so the 19% fatality rate among the previously vaccinated should be sounding alarm bells.

For the record, McCullough is far from the only prominent doctor or researcher saying there is something seriously wrong and that facts and science are frequently being ignored. Dr. Zellenko – nominated for the Nobel Prize – says similar things in this interview on The Highwire.

Here are some social media posts from Dr. Robert Malone – one of the inventors of the mRNA vaccine technique. T/he first tweet is a link to an article warning that we should not think “vaccine boosters are the solution” as numbers out of Israel show that the bulk of hospital covid patients there are among the vaccinated.

In this second tweet, Malone points out that there is an NIH study underway to explore potential links between Covid vaccines and menstrual changes. Not noted in his tweet, but understood, is that the bulk of the media, as well as CDC pundits like Fauci have said the vaccines are perfectly safe. Something must have prompted them to spend money on this research.

In this tweet from Dr. Malone, he says Americans would do far better to listen to comedian Joe Rogan than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

In the below tweet, it points out that some of the “Disinformation Dozen” experts singled out by the Biden White House and the media for ridicule and censorship, now have been proven right on some of their early concerns that there were significant problems with the vaccines that would become evident. The tweet links to an article on the vaccinated now being the bulk of Covid hospital admissions in Israel and an Israeli doctor decrying the call for more vaccine mandates as “diabolical.”