Why Are We Not Supporting The Legitimate Government Of Afghanistan?


A Message From The Legitimate Government Of Afghanistan

The Taliban did not win an election in Afghanistan. They did not ride some wave of popular support to power. With the help of the Pakistani government and employing brutal, terrorist tactics they seized power. They are no more the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan than the barbarians in ISIS were of their “caliphate.”

Much has been made of President Ghani fleeing the country. His Vice-President Amrullah Saleh did not. He is in the Panjshir Valley leading the resistance to the Taliban’s seizure of power in this nation. Even as the Biden administration talks in terms of giving aid to the Taliban terrorists in Kabul, Saleh is desperately begging for support from the United States. This is the text of a letter he released recently asking for help and pledging himself to rescue American citizens trapped in Taliban territory.

Message to the Friends of the People of Afghanistan
by Acting President Amrullah Saleh
September 2, 2021

As the legitimate interim leader of the democratically elected government of Afghanistan, I commit all of the forces under my command to the humanitarian rescue, treatment, and evacuation of Americans and other foreign nationals who wish to escape the terrorist forces that have invaded our country and attacked its people.

On behalf of the people of Afghanistan, I declare that we will continue to defend our country and its legitimate, democratic government against the Taliban and other terrorists who seek to impose their violent criminal regime.

Thousands of people, from the United States and many other nations, have sought or are seeking refuge in our territory, and we will do everything we can to protect them. To complete this urgent mission, we require material and logistical assistance and cooperation to protect our forces and to establish an air-bridge and other corridors to safety.

I have fought for my country for all of my adult life—and will continue to do so with other patriots. I will always be most proud of the 20 years that I fought alongside courageous Americans—who had to come to Afghanistan to avenge the death of 3,000 innocent countrymen at the hands of terrorists aided and abetted by the murderous Taliban. Along with the American people, I mourn the death and sacrifice of thousands from the U.S. Armed Services and of many others who helped rescue Afghanistan from terrorists and prevent countless attacks that might have been launched from this territory against the United States and other nations.

For 37 million decent Afghanis, the war against terrorism is not over.

I appeal for political recognition and urgent assistance to the legitimate forces that will continue to defend the millions of innocent people who rely on our protection.

We will do everything possible to rescue and evacuate Americans and other foreigners who wish to depart Afghanistan safely.

We can only meet this solemn commitment if we receive urgent humanitarian aid and other forms of support so that we can defend ourselves and countless innocent people who face this grave threat.”

I suspect that most Americans are totally unaware that the legal leader of Afghanistan, Vice President Saleh, has remained and is attempting to regain control of his country. Where is our President, his administration – our Congress? Our military?